On August 20, 2019, IDK Director Andrii Melnyk met with guests from the Carpathian region

On August 20, 2019, Director of the Institute for Development of Kremenchuk held a meeting with the participants of the Project “Ukrainian Bouquet of Peoples” and “Ambassadors of Diversity in the Carpathian region” in the International Information and Contact Center named after Duke Vytautas.

The guests were led by Roman Kats, a representative of Cultural Dialogue NGO.

28 leaders and activists of non-governmental organizations from the Carpathian region were interested in the activities of the Institute for Development of Kremenchuk, Association for Promotion of International Business and Development, history of public movement in Kremenchuk, history of the World Peace Gong.

Andrii Melnyk noted that projects within which young people from different parts of Ukraine are able to meet, get acquainted, discuss issues of public life of their cities, regions, and country are very important for Ukraine.

We need to communicate, share experiences, implement best practices. It all works for the unity and development of Ukraine.