Smart and energy efficient street lighting: Sharing the best practice example of the municipality Sant Cugat del Vallès, Catalonia

Author: Anja Gahleitner (Facilitator Prospect)

The municipality Sant Cugat del Vallès is sharing its expertise on financing and implementing successful projects in street lighting (but also in public buildings) with the Kremenchuk Development Institute of the Kremenchuk City Council (Ukraine), the Kramatorsk City Council (Ukraine) and the Municipality of Thiva (Greece).

On 5 – 6 August 2019, a two-day site visit was organised in Sant Cugat del Vallès. The main objective was to deepen the mentees’ know-how of smart and energy efficient street lighting refurbishment projects, energy efficient measures in public buildings and the financing scheme used in Sant Cugat del Vallès.  

Image: Anja Gahleitner from ESV (Upper Austria); George Palogos from the Municipality of Thiva (Greece), Víctor Martínez del Rey from the Municipality Sant cugat del Vallès (Catalonia), Vadym Gridasov from the Kramatorsk City Council (Ukraine), Pavlo Bedratskyi from the Kremenchuk Development Institute (Ukraine)

In 2006 the Ajuntament de Sant Cugat approved its Master Plan of street lighting, with the aim to minimize the energy consumption, to improve the efficiency, to define functional parameters according to zones, to minimize the light pollution and to fit the lighting to the new norms. More than 12 million Euros were invested and 7,900 tons of CO2 have been avoided. Most of the bulbs were removed and updated to new technologies like LED or others more efficient. Besides lamps and post lamps were changed in order to guarantee the safety of the installation as well as to reduce the light pollution.  Through the implementation the energy consumption was reduced around 35 % and the light pollution was reduced 70%.

During the two days the mentor Victor Martínez gave an insight how to head to a smart and efficient street lighting. The first steps in preparing a master plan were explained as well as tender specifications, legal constraints, and the financial scheme of EPC. As the mentees were not only interested in street lighting but also in public buildings both topics have been covered.

Control room of street lighting Sant Cugat

Participants benefited from sharing internal know-how (among each other and with the mentor) as well as from external inputs provided by the mentor.   

“I was very pleased with the study visit and would like to continue to study the topic of smart city, the experiences of other cities and implement the system in my city.”

Vadym Gridasov, Kramatorsk City Council (Ukraine)


 “It was good to prove that all cities, it doesn’t matter of which country, have the same problems and have to deal with the same difficulties to deliver more efficient public services. It was a great experience to share with them our experience and the process we’ve gone through along these years. I wish it’ll be useful for them.“


Mentor Victor Martínez, Municipality Sant Cugat (Spain)


“Sant Cougat: a city coming from the future to inspire us about sustainable energy and climate plans in our city.”

George Palogos, Municipality of Thiva (Greece)