On February 11, 2019, “focus group” discussed the Kremenchuk City Development Institution strategy issue

On February 11, 2019 a “focus group” on carried out a discussion the development of “Kremenchuk City Development Institution” public utility strategy development in the International Information and Contact Center “Vitovt”.
Renaming “Kremenchuck Invest” to KCDI is not a mechanical change. The range of issues and directions under which KCDI team works becomes wider. To ensure the effective operation of the KCDI, a Strategy of “City Development Institution” public facility development that will meet the modern needs of the City is needed. Before all else, the strategy must meet the expectations of citizens in the investment sphere, city economic development, international cooperations of city, development of the institutional twinning, civil society of city etc.
In the “Focus Group”-session participated KCDI director Andrii Melnyk, deputy director of project activities Oksana Kuzmenko and United States of America Peace Corps volunteer Maxwell Kushnir.
Round table sessions with KCDI partners will be carried out this month.
 During these sessions, Strategic plan project will be discussed.