On January 30, 2019, the winners of the Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Competition, established in the city-sister Alytus, received Diplomas of the Embassies of the Republic of Lithuania

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Young artists from Kremenchuk, who became winners of the competition for the best Christmas toy and decorations for the Ukrainian motifs for the Christmas tree, installed in the city of Alytus (Lithuania), were awarded diplomas of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania.

Greeting representatives of the People’s Children’s Diplomacy of Kremenchuk, Deputy Mayor Olga Usanova and Director of the Kremenchuk City Development Instituttion, Andrii Melnyk.

Deputy Mayor Olha Usanova noted that such creative activities are intended to bring the people closer, they will bestow their knowledge of traditions, art, culture, everyday life, are the source of the exchange of best ideas, etc.

And most importantly, they open up many opportunities for establishing partnerships, because they are an effective instrument of popular diplomacy. Olha Usanova expressed the words of grateful gratitude to the young Kremenchuk for giving their creativity and the Kremenchuk city a European competition.

Director of the Kremenchuk Development Institute Andrii Melnyk stressed that in the sister city of Alytus (Lithuania) there is a glorious tradition: in addition to the main Christmas tree, it decorates several fir trees dedicated to the twin cities, educational institutions, public organizations, etc.

This year one of them personified Kremenchuk, Poltava region, Ukraine. A lot of works have been received at the competition devoted to the decoration of a tree from Kremenchuk. Each of them was unsurpassed and beautiful in his own way. There were not enough Christmas trees for the declared amount of Christmas decorations, therefore an exhibition of Christmas toys was organized in Alytus, so that all interested persons could get acquainted with the talents of representatives of the Kremenchuk national children’s diplomacy.

The most striking works of the competition were marked by diplomas of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania.