The head of the city offers exporters a joint move forward

On December 17, 2018, the Executive Committee of the Kremenchuk City Council noted the best exporters among medium-sized enterprises.

City Mayor Vitaliy Maletsky met with medium-sized exporters for the first time in the history of Kremenchuk. The Mayor proposed to meet with exporters, express their respect for the authorities and hear their problems.

Director of the PU “Kremenchuk Development Institute” Andrii Melnyk reminded that in 2017 the city council adopted the Program of promotion of Kremenchuk products to foreign markets, oriented, first of all, to the small and medium business of the city. In the framework of this program and the SME Export Promotion Project (PROMIS Project), a series of trainings, professional consultations, video conferences with foreign partners and experts, study visits of beginners to Lithuania and Poland, etc., was conducted.

The first competition among medium-sized exporters was organized on the initiative of APIBD.

As reported by Andrii Melnyk, applications for participation in the first competition among exporters of medium-sized businesses were filed by 27 Kremenchuk exporters. Among them, the three best ones have been identified.

This is PE “Production and Trade Company “Lukas”, ltd “Bag Filter Factory”, company “TechVagonmash”.

Representatives of these firms during the awarding talked not only about their achievements, but also about the problems that they encountered at all times.

The head of ltd “Bag Filter Factory”, Oleksandr Yaroshenko said that the greatest difficulty arises with the customs clearance of goods. And if the department of customs is literally through a fence, then the leadership in Poltava and the issue has to be solved there.

“If earlier documents were issued in a week, but now it takes a month,” – says the entrepreneur.

He said that the filters produced at their plant are supplied not only beyond Kremenchuk, but also Ukraine: in particular, in countries of Asia and Europe, and even in Guatemala, which is in Central America. They are used in the cement, metallurgy industry.

“We install equipment in filters that have the size of the Kremenchuk City Executive Committee”, – said O. Yaroshenko.

And already the Kremenchuk newspaper reported that one such filter can be equipped in a month.

But they produce filters of much smaller size. He invited Vitalii Maletskyi, a mayor of Kremenchuk, to visit the enterprise. But the opening of new facilities has not yet been made: there is not enough money.

One more winner of the contest, the Production and Trade Company “Lucas”, already supplies its products to 40 countries of the world this year. And if the enterprise previously invited to cooperate, now it chooses with whom to work. This was reported by the head of the department of foreign economic activity Kira Bulik.

“Our croissants are already sold in France. And it should be noted, French like them”, – she says.

Another K. Bulick note was that “Lucas” is into the TOP-8 national exporters, leaving behind “Zhytomyrski Lasoschi” and “Dominic”.

“The contribution of “Lucas” to the city budget  comprises 80 million UAH annually” – said V. Maletskyi.

The representative of the same company described the difficulties of exporting products to the countries of the “Customs Union”, which arise not only in the Kremenchuk enterprise. And that they doesn’t seem to solve them.

But the head of the marketing department of Techvagonmash, Ivan Shalaevskyi said that 80% of the products manufactured by their company goes for export to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries. He even offered the mayor to put an automatic underground parking, which the company supplies to the State of Israel.

All the aforementioned medium-sized businesses of Kremenchuk received the certificates. Both from the city authorities and from the Kremenchuk branch of the Poltava Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The mayor, summing up the meeting, urged business representatives to move together and solve the problems facing the path of economic growth. Vitalii Maletskyi stressed that he was open to dialogue and specific actions by the authorities in supporting the development of entrepreneurship in the city.