From 23 to 26 October 2018, a Lithuanian delegation from the Agency for Energy Saving in BETA residential buildings is in Kremenchuk.

From 23 to 26 October 2018, a Lithuanian delegation from the Agency for Energy Saving in BETA residential buildings is in Kremenchuk. The Lithuanian delegation’s program is very busy.

Practical seminar “Lithuanian experience of renovation of multi-apartment buildings” took place on October 23, 2018 in a large session hall. The event was opened by the director of PU «Kremenchuk Invest» Andrii Melnyk, who presented the Lithuanian guests present.

The head of the delegation, Thomas Hedris, said that within the framework of the project “Development of skills of local authorities of Kremenchuk project on energy efficiency improvement of multi-apartment buildings” specialists of “BETA” Agency provide consulting services for the complex renovation of housing in Kremenchuk ACMBs. In particular, the investment feasibility study on the application of measures for energy modernization of 3 typical multistory Kremenchuk has already been developed. Also shared Lithuanian experience in improving energy efficiency at the expense of renovation of multi-apartment buildings.

Andrii Melnyk stressed that the cooperation of our city and Energy Savings Agency in residential buildings “BETA” will become the first Ukrainian experience of partnership relations in the field of renovation of housing stock.

In his speech, Tetiana Andriievska, the head of the department of energy management and energy of the executive committee of the city council, stressed that the program of energy modernization of multi-apartment buildings implemented by Lithuanian partners is acceptable for implementation in our city. He also talked about the possibilities of the Energy Efficiency Fund of Ukraine.

Deputy Head of the Department of Housing and Communal Services Valentin Kurchenko-Hai presented the legislative framework for the installation of apartment heat meters. And presented a report on “Commercial Accounting for Thermal Energy: A System for Individual Accounting for Thermal Energy Consumption for houses with vertical heating system”.

The second part of the seminar was held at the office of PU “Kremenchuk Invest” for energy managers and representatives of local authorities of Kremenchuk and other cities. Expert of the “BETA” Agency, Lina Balchunienne presented a program for the modernization of residential buildings at the municipal level, and Hennadii Mikshys spoke about methods for assessing the energy performance of multi-apartment buildings, measures for upgrading a multi-apartment building and saving opportunities.

On October 24, 2018, the municipal organization “Institute for the Development of the City of Poltava” is planning a round table “Lithuanian experience of renovation of multi-apartment houses”, and at 15:30 in the large session hall of the Kremenchuk city council will be held a seminar for representatives of condominiums and management companies.