Kremenchuk will hold a seminar on the issues of a gentle attitude to the city and the culture of sorting garbage where the citizens can get acquainted with the experience of the polish sister-city Bydgoszcz

On January 30, 2018, representatives of the well-known Polish company “ProNatura” will visit  Kremenchuk.

Within the framework of the visit, it is planned to hold a meeting with the mayor of the city Vitalii Maletskyi and representatives of the city administration. Guests from the city of Bydgoszcz will hold two seminars.

At the International Contact Center named after the Lithuanian Prince Vytautas, located in the office of Kremenchuk Invest, the first seminar “Bydgoszcz Experience in the Field of Waste Management” will be held, start at 11:30.

The second seminar, “The experience of the city of Bydgoszcz in carrying out educational work with youth and the population on issues of lean attitude to the city and the culture of garbage sorting” will start at 13:30.

We welcome specialists in the housing and communal services, PU “Improvement Kremenchuk”, representatives of condominiums, media representatives and others to participate in the first workshop.

To participate in the second workshop we invite specialists in the management of housing and communal services, the Department of Environmental Security, Department of Internal Policy, Department for Family and Children, representatives of the media.

 The delegation members are the President of ProNatura Mr Konrad Mikołajski, Vice-President Mr Dariusz Grezicki, head of PR-department Mr Piotr Kurek, Director of Department of Communal Waste Management, Bydgoszcz City Council, Mr Adam Musiala.


You can learn more about the ProNatura company here: