Ukraine – Lithuania: New meetings on Lithuanian land

From November 17 to 21, 2019, within the framework of the of the University of Applied Sciences VIKO, Vilnius and the Institute for Development of Kremenchuk “Finding opportunities in Lithuania” joint Project, 16 members of the delegation – 12 students and 4 adults visited the Republic of Lithuania.

The program includes some wonderful days in Lithuania: acquaintance with Vilnius, Alytus and Trakai, Vilnius University of Applied Sciences VIKO, Alytus College, museums, national culture, cuisine and traditions of Lithuania, meetings with authorities, scientists, Lithuanian students and foreign students.
Five boys and girls were given the opportunity to study free of charge at Vilnius University of Applied Sciences.
Organizers – the Institute for Development of Kremenchuk, Alytus City Council and Vilnius University of Applied Sciences VIKO.

Among the participants are active participants in competitions on the culture, history and geography of Lithuania and future students of VIKO – a modern European university.

The VIKO Management Faculty impressed with their creativity in the design of the premises and the organization of the meeting. There are no audience numbers at the faculty. All audiences have the name of a country or city. For example, “Paris”, “Beijing”, “Guatemala”, “Dublin” …
And, on one floor – the names of European countries and cities, on the other – American, on the other floor – Asian… It is interesting that each audience is designed according to its name.
We were engaged in Guatemala… Chairmen and leading teachers organized an interactive class for the group members, showed training classrooms and laboratories.
In the lobby – photo exhibitions, picture galleries. The student is daily in an atmosphere of culture and art. Classroom faculty! Impressions are positive!

The Ukrainian delegation visited the Faculty of Economics of VIKO University of Applied Sciences. The rector of the university, Dr. Gimante Jankauskene, the dean of the faculty Dr. Ausra Luchvaitene and others met with the guests. They presented the possibilities of the faculty, the children were able to visit the imitation bank and the insurance company, where they teach students.
The Faculty of Economics is a serious unit of VIKO, but Ukrainian children are delighted with the visit and the warmth of their reception.

November 20, 2019, started at the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics at VIKO University of Applied Sciences for the Ukrainian group traveling to Lithuania. The Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Romanas Tumasonis, greeted the participants of the meeting.
“Smart Machines” and the preparation of future “magicians” that make science fiction a reality … That’s all at this faculty! Leading university lecturers gave presentations to the faculty’s lecture rooms and laboratories.

On the way to the city of Alytus, members of the group paid tribute to the memory of the residents of Pirciupai village, who were burned alive by the Nazis during World War II.
Alytus City Hall held a meeting with the Mayor of the city, Mr. Nerijus Cesiulis, the Vice Mayors, Mrs. Jurgita Shukevichene, and Mr. Sharunas Klegeris.
Good, open communication was devoted to the history of Alytus, the distinctive features and traditions of one of Lithuania’s most beautiful cities.
Andrii Melnyk, deputy director of the IDK for International Affairs, was received by the mayor in his office, where a brief conversation was held about further cooperation between the cities.
A delegation of children went to St. Benedict’s gymnasium.
The gymnasium hosted an excursion to the school. The Ukrainian and Lithuanian children then took part in a joint interactive lesson, and the adults spoke with the director of the gymnasium, Mrs. Loreta Sherniene.