An Extensive Meeting of Advisory Committee on Effective Governance and Development and the Kremenchuk Strategy Implementation Management Committee was held

On November 19, 2019, an extended meeting of the Advisory Committee on Effective Governance and the Committee for Management of the Implementation of the Kremenchuk Development Strategy was held at the office of the Institute for Development of Kremenchuk. The meeting was chaired by First Deputy Mayor Volodymyr Pelypenko with the participation of PLEDDG Project representatives – Chief Project Expert Ihor Lepioshkin, Strategic Planning Consultant Andrii Zaluzhnyi and regional coordinator in the Poltava region Irina Dudka.

At the meeting they discussed the state of implementation of the projects of the Kremenchuk City Development Strategy Implementation Plan.

They also considered the initiatives and projects that were included in the Action Plan to ensure the sustainability of the implementation of the PLEDDG Project in Kremenchuk, namely: Open City System, Public Budget, Local Budget Transparency Index, Improvement of Administrative Services and Administrative Services Center Performance; passports of a citizen of Ukraine (ID cards) and foreign passports, strategic planning system, activities for coordination, implementation of investment projects (Project “Creating Conditions for Work with investors through the arrangement of conference rooms for business events”), the Investment passport of the city, Analysis of the local business climate, the Program of promotion of city products to foreign markets and the project “Promoting the export of products of small and medium enterprises in Kremenchuk”.

Summing up the meeting, Volodymyr Pelypenko stressed that the initiatives developed with the support of the PLEDDG Project continue to be successfully implemented. We are ready for new initiatives and projects in cooperation with the PLEDDG Project.