3 reasons why ai will never match human creativity

Rather than some society in which all individuals will be allowed to carry out their days creating works of art, the machine revolution will instead lead to a society in which anyone can make a living by dreaming and providing creative input to projects of all kinds. He spent 7 years in the US where he played a significant role in the global open source software arena and was responsible for international partnerships and corporate technology strategy for a number of international territories including Latin America, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Europe. You experience no interruption in your perception of the apple. Unsupervised learning techniques aim to discover patterns from data when no ground truth is available. Researchers have projected that automation may claim 800 million jobs around the world by 2030. So why are neural nets so bad at being creative? Artificial intelligence is here, and it's fundamentally changing medicine. Quarters, Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren, Facebook said It would ban holocaust deniers. A captivating conversation is taking place about the future of artificial intelligence and what it will/should mean for humanity. Relinquishing human freedom on the road might be a trade-off that we’re willing to accept if it means that there are no more traffic accidents, but Oleinik points out that a broader scheme to reduce human predictability is not only Orwellian; it would have to stamp out creativity altogether to function. By Stephen Hsu Illustration by Sachin Teng September 3, 2015 Add ... AI Matters 1, 9-11 (2014). Human brains do “process” things in a parallel manner, but clearly it’s difficult to have more than one train of thought at a time. AI can minim a human … Fast Company SA. Each of these demonstrations of the creative prowess of AI relies on new advances in the field of machine learning, which allows computer programs to compute things in a manner similar to the human brain. Now, he heads up WeWork South Africa with a wealth of experience in the tech and innovation space under his belt. “The Creativity Code,” “Deep Medicine” and “Talk to Me” together reveal the wide range of influence technology does, should and will have on the human condition. Adobe Stock. As long as this is the case, the threat of machines completely displacing the human labor force is nonexistent. Consider something as simple as numbers. The researcher places a red apple in front of you and flips the switch back and forth. Second, when we make AI, we are basically copying our Creator. Ultimately, neural nets are not designed for creativity. Sha holds a national diploma in information technology from the Durban university of Technology and Technikon South Africa, an executive MBA from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and is a recent advanced management graduate of Harvard Business School. Reshaad Sha is the CEO of Liquid Telecom South Africa, a pan-African connectivity and digital service provider that offers services to telecom operators, governments and businesses across the African continent. Even if the presentation of this number varied, such as three dots on one page or three sequential dots on different pages, the same group of neurons responsible for the idea of “three” fired each time. Therefore, Chalmers concludes, there is no functional difference between this portion of your brain and the computer chip, even if the chip may just be manipulating symbols to represent consciousness. Here are some things an AI can’t do. Storage accuracy and retention is one area in which computers have unequivocally bested humans. 3. TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to This is not to say that machine intelligence won’t surpass, or hasn’t already surpassed, the intellectual power of the brain. In 2019, Naidoo was identified as one of South Africa’s Inspiring 50 winners. Imagine a robot replacing a lawyer or judge in legal matters—it’s a bit frightening. It’s the implications of this reshaping that many incorrectly characterize. Malinga has made a natural transition into the role of leading SqwidNet because of the various leadership roles he has fulfilled over the years. In a recent poll, machine intelligence experts predicted that computers would gain human-level ability around the year 2050, and superhuman ability less than 30 years after. This is primarily driven by the assumption that machines will be able to do everything that humans can do, and this is the key assumption leading much of the public astray. AI rejects conservative human views on furniture, ... 3 reasons why batteries will power our future trucks, not hydrogen fuel cells Matthew Beedham; Never miss out. Humanity’s safe-haven in the coming years will be exactly that — consciousness. Rhea Moutafis. Second, because all patterns appear to be meaningful to an algorithm based purely on how prevalent they are in the data, neural networks fail to distinguish between which patterns are meaningful and which aren’t – an additional foundational element of creativity. This reliance on “popularity” can’t be sustainable in a society where everyone is a special creative snowflake. As the Managing Director of SqwidNet, Phathizwe Malinga is responsible for building an IoT connectivity business in South Africa in partnership with International IoT giant SIGFOX. “Creativity is hardly possible without one’s capacity to think metaphorically, to co-ordinate proactively and to make predictions that go beyond simple extrapolation,” Oleinik argues. info, Growth All data collected in the survey is anonymous. However, that doesn’t mean that neural nets aren’t excellent mimickers of creativity. Take, for example, the optimal situation in which to create self-driving cars: roads where everybody, be they human or machine, follows the rules to a T, where there is no randomness whatsoever and everything is entirely predictable. Ziaad Suleman is a Director and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for IBM Southern Computers can easily represent numbers as a sequence of binary states, whereas the brain thinks about distinct numbers as concepts. This particular argument is a form of a … CGP Grey summarizes this quite well in his video Humans Need Not Apply: Grey shows how general-purpose robots are the current threat to humans seeking jobs, as it would be a slow process to replace every single manufacturing job with specialized machines. As prominent AI artist Mario Klingemann pointed out when his first AI artwork was up for auction, he is the artist, not the computer. This article was originally published on Alex Wulff's Medium, Read next: ... but a computer could never have solved it. As we know, however, this is not the case. The numbers 61,967,278 and 89,595,540, however, feel about the same to the human brain. 3 reasons why AI will never match human creativity Sociology professor Anton Oleinik argues that neural networks are structured in a way that limits the … Helping employees and solving work conflicts will most likely need a human with good interpersonal (can understand a fellow human better) … His main focus areas include strategy, transformation, operations; special projects and investments. Researchers tested this by showing subjects the idea of a number (let’s say three) using dots. Grey also shows how robots can now perform many of these “creative” tasks, such as composing music, painting, or writing. Speed of execution – While one doctor can make a diagnosis in ~10 minutes, AI system can make a million for the same time. Searle primarily utilizes his “Chinese room” thought experiment to argue this point. People possess creativity and intuition, both qualities that computer code doesn’t have, but more importantly may never have, according to John Grohol, founder & CEO of PsychCentral.com. Unlike a human, AI can learn from millions of cases very quickly. It’s clear that for the time being, creativity will remain squarely the domain of humans. With sufficient research, scientists could visualize the localized firing of bunches of neurons and analyze how these groups interact to form the conceptual understanding that underlies consciousness. Graphics processors, on the other hand, utilize hundreds or thousands of discreet processing units to do everything from sequencing the genome of primates to mining cryptocurrency. Consciousness. Unfortunately, creativity would be impossible without radical predictions, something regression analysis will never be able to do. Finally, because neural networks do not understand, let alone incorporate, outside context, they are unable to make adjustments based on social norms and interactions beyond the realm of their specific purpose and data set. This particular argument is a form of a theory first purported by Keynes in Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren. 1. Masie is no stranger to the South African innovation community. Ideas are simply an association of concepts, linked in a new way by the synchronized firing of bunches of neurons. AI is not just a hot new buzzword either. Parallel computation is another area in which computers have the advantage. He continues to guest lecture with the university and he sits on the board of Bizmod Consulting. Each example above utilizes a carefully constrained algorithm to achieve a very specific end goal. “And we've never really thought of creativity as being something that we can get better at. Currently, Naidoo delivers the IBM Techscale, PROPreneurX anf the YIEDI Business in a Box programme that helps grow, develop and provide access to market linkages for entrepreneurs. Prior to his role as COO, Ziaad was the head lawyer for IBM in Sub-Saharan Africa — a The best AI hardly comes close to the incredible creativity and design of any human, and it’s an open question whether AI can ever become what its prophets claim. In it, he describes a scenario where an individual, having no knowledge of Chinese, sits in a room with a rule book. In addition to his Managing Director role, he will continue overlooking the solutions division for SqwidNet, a fully owned subsidiary of Dark Fibre Africa. All Rights Reserved. Known for her position as a thought leader on innovation and entrepreneurship, Jayshree Naidoo is the CEO of YIEDI, a founding member and ex-chairperson of the Southern African Innovation Network and a member of the National Advisory Council on Innovation for South Africa (NACI). Read how it has affected things like personalized care, and see what a critic has to say. This sense of desperation and doom, to varying degrees, appears to be standard across much of the literature on this subject. In his role as COO, Ziaad is responsible for the overall business operations of the company. Has coronavirus made Big Tech unstoppable. However, AI researchers are able to go as far as implementing Weak AI, but not the Strong AI. We'd love to know a bit more about our readers. by Alex Wulff There’s little debate that the labor landscape will be fundamentally reshaped in the coming years, and I’m not refuting this point. At its core, these algorithms are simply manipulating symbols then concatenating the results in a meaningful way. Before joining SqwidNet, Malinga was the Head of Application Strategy at Life Healthcare Group, where he was in charge of the IT Application strategy and Software Development for the group. Clearly humans are different than computers in their current incarnation. Go further and you’re looking at individual atoms. Spontaneous thought, creative thinking, and a desire to challenge the world around us. Humans can discern between places where algorithms are likely to fail and situations in which historical training data is likely still relevant to address critical and timely issues, at least until more current data becomes available. But according to an article published in the peer-reviewed journal Big Data & Society by Anton Oleinik, a sociology professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland, there’s one crucial area where neural networks do not outperform humans: creativity. He joined the company 11 years ago and has been integral to the growth and development of the IBM business in the region. ... replacement of human ingenuity. This amazing video by Nvidia provides a comparison between CPUs and GPUs — picture your brain as the single-threaded CPU: The speed of the brain’s computation is also orders of magnitude slower than that of its electronic counterparts. “Creativity is a skill and any skill that you can undertake, the byproduct to it being a skill, is that you can get better at it,” Mumaw said in his course, Creativity Bootcamp. Numerous artificial intelligence projects appear to demonstrate that machines are capable of creating intricate works of art that rival those created by their inferior human creators. He also serves on the IBM South Africa Board of Directors, EXCO, as well as important Computers may come up with novel ideas, but they may not be valuable ideas because value is a collective agreement, dictated by groups of people. Instead, they are designed for a world with clean, precise data. You need to change your mindset. Instead, its algorithm provided a network for them, Periodic table: Scientists propose new way of ordering the elements, If you want to learn a new tech skill, these training bundles can help. Follow us on social media. Creativity. The same principle can be extended to all current forms of artificial intelligence; they may manipulate symbols in a clever way, but they are not conscious. More 2020, These batteries generate renewable energy from the ground, This AI-powered parking garage encourages the use of public transport, See inside one of the world’s most beautiful bookstores, Here’s why women shouldn’t turn off their cameras during Zoom calls, This new Google mapping tool shows cities where they need to plant more trees, SA researchers explore medicinal plants for possible Covid-19 treatments, LG begins trials for new robot delivery service, Why Google has ended its unlimited storage for photos. The fact that AI is dubbed “intelligent” is ultimately down to the fact that it can learn. If AI is given into wrong hands, high technology machines can definitely destroy society. in Syndication. But even when it comes to learning, it is no match for humans. There is no place to run, the robots are coming. Even if the computer chip experiences red in a different way, the conscious experience of red is still the same for both you and your silicon counterpart. Even the best mathematician cannot rival the sheer computational speed of a silicon-based system. Creativity: Computer programs are good at spitting out a number of options, but they're not necessarily good at providing quality of creative choices. Prefer to get the news as it happens? We do also share that information with third parties for Issue 019 Illusions. someone who closely follows the script, but not a [s]ubject, i.e. advertising & analytics. Special effects cancel out human imagination and creativity - Technology has mechanised everything from music to film making and there is no scope for innovation or human creativity to take flight. someone who meaningfully changes and rewrites the imposed rules.”. Neural networks are machine learning algorithms composed of layers of calculations that excel at ingesting vast amounts of data and finding every pattern within them. Special Issue In Our Nature. These characteristics allow us to represent things as concepts rather than just pure data. Everything discussed so far paints a grim picture for human labor in its current form. 9 Reasons why you’ll never become a Data Scientist. 3. Malinga is a Singularity University Faculty Candidate. And perhaps, given neural nets’ inability to make creative inferences, interpret meaning, or understand social context, it should stay that way. Stay tuned with our weekly recap of what’s hot & cool by our CEO Boris. This doesn’t make you a good Data Scientist, my friend. governing councils such the Social & Ethics Committee and the Disciplinary Board. Even as AI creeps into creative fields, it is still only doing the work of recommending ideas to a human designer, who is spared some of his or her job’s mindlessness but still makes the final call about what a website or app will look like. With his keen focus on conceptual development and proof of value through high-fidelity prototypes around artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain, his role as adjunct faculty at top business schools across the country is no reach. They fundamentally rely on statistical regression – which means that while they’re good at identifying patterns, they fail miserably to anticipate when a pattern will change, let alone connect one pattern to an unrelated pattern, a crucial ingredient in creativity. “We only reinvent, make connections between things we have seen Wrapping Up My Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence Growth… Despite all the pros and cons Of Artificial Intelligence, Industries are adopting Artificial Intelligence to do the work more efficiently and with less cost. A recap of tech's crazy 2018. In a world inundated with content and data, being able to quickly sift through the data, decipher the meaning, and make smart decisions is not just hard – sometimes it’s impossible for the human mind to do. Despite being lesser known by the general public, unsupervised and reinforcement learning are important ML approaches used to solve different kinds of real-world problems (e.g., customer segmentation, industrial simulation). Before joining Liquid Telecom, Sha was the founder and CEO of SqwidNet, where he led the team entrusted to build an IoT connectivity business in South Africa in partnership with the world’s largest IoT operator, Sigfox. In contrast with supervised learning, this type of ML approach does not rely on labelled datasets, which are typically very costly and hard to obtain. Moore is also an inventor and patent holder of a collaborative innovation platform and has an MBA in innovation from the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business. Similarly, AI is being used to turn hand-drawn sketches (done by humans) into digital source code. As a result, he thinks that because neural networks are inferior to humans when it comes to identifying and interpreting symbols, acting socially, and making predictions, he doubts that neural net-powered artificial creativity will ever be able to match human creativity. As long as humans exist there will always be a need to innovate, to solve problems through brilliant ideas. Peel away the outer layer of a computer and there’s RAM, a CPU, a graphics processor, a crystal, and peripherals. Human creative achievement, because of the way it is socially embedded, will not succumb to advances in artificial intelligence. Sit back and let the hottest tech news come to you by the magic of electronic mail. Concurrently, Sha served as the chief strategy officer at DFA, where he led the company’s strategy to transform the business from infrastructure to telecommunications. If at no point did this curious individual encounter consciousness then the item in question is really a machine. Any person thrust through the educational system is familiar with the struggle of attempting to memorize passages from a textbook or cram equations the night before a test. Why Artists will never be replaced by ... of art does not mean the end of human creativity. This simple trait allows the brain to be incredibly adaptive, as it can observe completely new stimuli and utilize general conceptual understanding to immediately determine what these stimuli represent. He was also responsible for the launch of google.co.za, as well as localised versions of Google AdWords, YouTube, Google Maps Street View, and more. Luddite rebellions against the mechanization of the textile industry were perhaps some of the first examples of human resistance to machines (Thompson). In other words, they lack social intelligence, which is important for creativity since, “innovations are often embedded in social connections and relationships,” Oleinik says. territory which is challenging, both in geography and complexity. Oleinik points out that in a neural net’s ideal world, you remove data’s messiness – messiness that often comes from the unpredictability of human creativity.

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