are 6 string banjos any good

Both of these methods sound great on any 6-string banjo. Well, that would disqualify pretty much "starter instruments" of every kind from being "real instruments. I've also seen Irish-born 5-string players double on 6-string banjo for some songs. 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 by Paul D. Race. Here's the link to the Six-String Banjo Blog on the Deering web page: And here's the link to my original article on the page: So I let him use the term "banjitar" in the title with the caveat he was also going to put in. It is important to remember that any musical style can be played on any 5-string banjo. If you're used to strumming your guitar with a flatpick, know that using a flatpick to strum open (root position) chords on any banjo will sound cacophonic, because some of the notes will ring louder and longer than you're used to - even after you've changed chords or deadened the strings! You may find yourself inventing fingerings that deaden, rather than fret, the lower strings just so you can keep up. They were established in 1894, so if the date of the banjo is correct, it is … I use a Fishman Rare Earth banjo pickup and sounds good. Click to browse current inventory! When you "hammer on" - fretting a string after it's been plucked, you can't count on the string continuing to ring like it does on your guitar. The Elite Flamed Maple. First off, 4-string banjos are what you’d usually see in traditional or traditional-inspired musical styles. I don't mean to sound pretentious or's just sound advice based on experience.If you are going to go 6 string....1930s Gibsons or modern Deerings. I can see why folks who have tried off-brand or "entry-level" six-string banjos think they are "jokes," or don't deliver on their manufacturer's promises. Some basic lessons and a few months practice for someone familiar with picking and you'll have basic 5 string down at a level far better than the same time spent with a 6 string will ever produce.I don't mean to sound pretentious or's just sound advice based on experience.If you are going to go 6 string....1930s Gibsons or modern Deerings.Lou, opotable - Posted - 10/18/2013:  14:19:17. i feel that lou and frank have missed the point here. Wiping them down with a clean cloth after playing, applying string lubricant, washing hands prior to playing, and careful installation are all things you can do to give your banjo strings a long life. You just hear it more often on 6-strings because guitar players who don't really know what a banjo is supposed to sound like have bought into the "you play it just like a guitar" hype. It worked fine, but I wound up keeping the amp's volume pretty low, so it supplemented the sound more than replaced it. Last year, after Deering introduced their first metal-stringed Goodtime 6-string banjo (a runaway success, by the way), they asked my permission to post excerpts from my article on their blog page. You will also find that lots of “closed back Geared 5th Tuner. I've played the Deering one and it has good volume and tone--but it is a Very heavy banjo and sounds metalic . apply. But the truth is that the six-string banjo was invented over a century ago, when the most popular fretted instrument in the U.S. was the mandolin, and the Jazz banjo was on the verge of replacing it. Hundreds of quality new and used banjos available. Are harmony banjos any good? After a while my tail piece started to bend up so a heavier would be nice. Actually, two kinds of six-string banjo were invented, although only one is still being commercially manufactured today. I have worked on lots of Dean Backwoods guitjos and am not impressed -- they tend to sound tinny, which I attribute to the aluminum pot. About Setting Up Six-String Banjos In fact one version - the low-pitched Irish tenor banjo - became a staple of Irish Folk music. Otherwise strap a capo on it and go up a few steps. And Django Rheinhardt began his career as a 6-string banjoist, later transferring his technique to guitar. In the following track, I use my thumb to pick the bass strings (no thumbpick, just a big callous), and I alternate between classical-style fingerpicking and "frailing" on strings 1-3 (no fingerpicks - this thing is almost too loud to sing with anyway). RK-R35-BR. The 6-string banjo when set up correctly makes a very versatile instrument for strumming,chording,finger-picking,rhythmic backbeats and comping with any kind of music!! Lou Bourbon - Posted - 05/23/2013:  23:02:36, 1930s Gibsons and new Deerings. Jackson played a Gibson trap door model and St. Cyr a Vega. Call Toll Free: 1-866-3-BANJOS … Buying your first banjo can be an exciting and life-changing event for musicians of any level. Then I set to learning some Dixieland banjo strumming techniques, and practicing lots of barre and diminished chords. No matter how I tweak it, the action on my Dean Backwoods 6 is not all that conducive to playing barre chords between the 7th and 12th fret. This makes it easy to tune and play. Like the 4-string Jazz banjo and its mate the Tenor Guitar, 6-string banjo seems to have been almost entirely overlooked by the Folk Revival movement, which might have made good use of it. I also figured that when I was done with the Dixieland gig, I'd keep using it, though I'd be fingerpicking rather than strumming for the most part. It's a different instrument, one that was originally custom-made for what we now call "roots music." Ironically, this article has brought me full circle, back to the time I played guitar in the pit orchestra for Flower Drum Song, some 42 years ago. Nowadays, Ragtime, Dixieland and other forms of early Jazz are performed only by tribute groups. With its familiar guitar tuning, this hybrid 6-string banjo requires no learning curve from guitarists. Nuff said? I've also seen the Craig's list ads from folks who swallowed that malarky and are tired of embarrasing themselves with the thing. To me, I hope that means that they recognize that they are something other than crutches for guitar players who are too lazy to learn another instrument. For instance, there's quite a bit of six-string banjo played by Johnny St. Cyr on the early Louis Armstrong Hot Five sessions. You don't have to play like Earl or JD or anyone else. ", You have anyone you can trust to set it up (or money to start out with a Deering), Unless you're a very determined player and know a good technician, a $150 banjo won't really give you any idea of what it is to play a "real" banjo (and that goes for all banjos, not just six-strings), Even a $400 banjo won't take you any farther than a $300 guitar. Ragtime is History; What's Left? And - let's face it - by "banjo," the manufacturers really mean Bluegrass banjo - currently the most popular style, and the style hardest to play on a 6-string. So constantly explaining that "It's really a guitar" or some such is misleading at best, and it insults both the instrument and the player.

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