best banjo strings for clawhammer

The durable and quality materials are used in the manufacturing of the banjo. Most professional players consider it to be the best banjo due to its popular design, playability, and tradition. The complaints were that they were breaking for people who had never had trouble with string breakage before. I can't tell any difference between my plain homemade strings from music wire vs. storebought strings of the same gauge. more low frequencies). The Deering Boston 6-String is very popular for this reason. Wildwood banjos, or anything with Fyberkin/Elite heads love this one in B weight. D'Addario J61 mediums. They are widely available and cheap. With guitar strings it took a long time to find the right ones for me. That said, for steel strings, I've tried a bunch and I can't tell any difference. But there is always a dramatic imrovement. - 'cause I HATE capos for clawhammer. The tone degrades a lot. I have ordered them by the box on 10 sets to my custom gauge request of .012,.026 phospher bronze, .016,.012, .010. These include; Clawhammer, Frailing, bluegrass, classic, fingerpicking and more. I have been playing light banjo strings like D'Addario J57's or GHS PF150's. Clawdan - Posted - 01/31/2012:  06:19:01. The Remo banjo head is 11 inches that are coated with Weather King banjo head. You can buy individual strings of most brands. D'Addario EJ55 Phosphor Bronze 5-String Banjo Strings, Medium, 10-23, GHS Strings PF160 5-String Banjo Strings, Phosphor Bronze, Medium (.011-.026), Aquila New Nylgut AQ-1B Banjo Medium Tension DBGDG-Set of 5 (4th Red Series String), Aquila Red Series AQ-11B Banjo Strings – Medium Tension DBGDG-Set of 5, Banjo Highway Fifth String Banjo Capo - Bronze, Golden Gate GB-3 Deluxe 5-String Banjo Bridge - 1/2", Aquila New Nylgut AQ-42 Banjo Ukulele Strings - High G - 1 Set of 4, Vangoa Left-handed 5-String Banjo, Mahogany Open-back Banjo with Resonator, with Starter Manual, Beginner Kit, Banjo Ukulele Concert Size 23 Inch With Bag Tuner Strap Strings Pickup Picks Ruler Wrench Bridge (Brown), Thomastik-Infeld 5755 - Banjo (5 String) Banjo-5 String Set D, H, G, D, G Set, AQUILA Minstrel Banjo String Set, 7B, Wound 4th String, D'Addario Banjo Strings | 3 Sets | EJ55 (formerly J55) | Phosphor Bronze | Medium, GHS BANJO - Stainless Steel String Set- 5-String - PF155 - Light, Golden Gate P-101 Vega-Style Armrest - Nickel-Plated Brass, Martin Guitar Vega Banjo Strings V700, Light-Gauge Nickel-Wound Banjo Strings, 3 x Stainless Steel, Open Design, Metal Finger Picks for Guitar, Banjo, Dobro, etc. The D'Add med. Each of these strings is … With a wide range of stringed instruments, Oscar Schimdt is one of the most … Oscar Schmidt OB5. But I'm old and I have infirmities. I use the Earthwood frailing strings (2061). Banjo picks, fingerpicks, finger picks for acoustic guitar. In the opposite of what everybody else here is saying, I use light strings for clawhammer because they are plunky instead of sustaining and bright. I believe Pete Seeger's How To Play The Five String Banjo was the first modern banjo method published and it used the "above the line" approach. It features the ground breaking, patent pending Twenty-Ten™ Tone Ring which is a completely original Deering design that gives the banjo an extremely clear tone. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Copyright 2020 Banjo Hangout. I've used the Ernie Ball Earthwoods (And EB was very gracious sending me a replacement string when I found that one of the 6 envelopes was empty on arrival), but don't have enough experience to form a preference. blockader - Posted - 01/31/2012:  07:44:21. D’Addario is one of the most famous banjo strings’ producers. If you want a well made heavy guage string, I recommend OME heavies. There's a huge thread on these strings you might want to check out. Mapes Piano Wire Company in Tennessee makes guitar strings (and most likely banjo strings, too) for Martin, Gibson, Fender, D'Addario, DR, Ernie Ball, GHS, Black Diamond, Dean Markley, and others. Typically, the melody of a song is played by striking one string, quickly followed by a strum of two or three strings. pastorharry - Posted - 01/31/2012:  16:00:43. (similar to Ernie Ball Earthwood Strings) I am in Double A# (or is it really B-flat?) I've heard that there's only one company that makes steel strings, and the difference is just a matter of packaging them in various gauges and in different envelopes that have different words. There's a problem loading this menu right now. 8 Best Banjo String Reviews and the Best Banjo String Brands. Light gauge strings just don't feel solid enough to me, and I can play the mediums a lot harder to get more volume in a noisy environment (like a square dance). Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo – Best. Measuring 7 pounds, this is one of D’Addario’s light tension playing strings that renders ... 2) Elixir Medium Banjo Strings w Polyweb Coating. Your mileage may vary. For better tension balance I'm thinking of going with 9-11-13-20w-10. I just got a couple sets of ELIXIR 'Polyweb' strings to try...and I have to say I like them so far. 1) D’Addario Phosphor EJ69 5-String BRONE Banjo Strings. Edited by - gatordome on 02/01/2012 18:25:54. 2061- 10-13-15-24w-10. I believe you can get these through Bill Rickard or Hugh Hunter (hhunter44 on the BHO). This variation in strings and unique design gives the banjo its trademark sound. Supposed to replicate gut strings but made of nylon.Looking for answers on BHO can provide some good solutions. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link:, fiddlemike - Posted - 01/30/2012:  19:42:28. I know Tanya was looking into it, and also said they would replace strings if they broke due to malfunction. The A weight works exceptionally well with nylon strings. unclekurty - Posted - 01/31/2012:  16:52:12. for 6 & 12 String Instruments - Nordic Essentials, (Red + Gold), String Swing WCC11B Metal Home & Studio Wall Mount Banjo Hanger - White, Guitar Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars Ukulele Bass Banjo and Mandolin, 2 Pack for 6 to 12 String Instruments, No Scratch No Fret Buzz Clip with Peg Puller. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates.

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