colonial of zeeland grandfather clock value

Colonial Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock. Colonial Manufacturing Company Clock Catalog . Most people when buying a new grandfather clock should expect to obtain a final selling price at 20-30% off of the actual manufacturer's suggested retail price. $2,495.00. Colonial of Zeeland Grandfather Clock | I have always believed the story behind a family heirloom is much more valuable than the actual item itself. or Best Offer. Colonial Manufacturing Company Zeeland and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grandfather Clocks w/night time chime shutoff option also uses a key to turn 3 arbors located in the dial that are wound once a week to raise the weights that power the clock as they drop down during the week. He looked at everything as an "investment". If a clock face contained the minutes 15, 30, 45 and 60, the grandfather clock was made from 1800 to 1820, but though unusual, you could also find one made in 1795. Gift to church from Herman Miller when still part owner of Colonial. He gifted it to us today. (See figure 17). Pequegnat “Chatham” Shelf Clock Estimate: Auctioneer: Sold Price: Sold Date: Dial signed, “The Arthur Pequegnat Clock Co, ... Keywords:Colonial / Dial / Hamilton / Mantel / Oak / Shelf. My wife's father bought this exact same model Colonial years ago. Brass numerals and ... Keywords:Colonial / Dial / Mantel / Oak / Shelf. Now that the inspection panel is removed, you should see the mounting system that is on your Colonial Grandfather clock. $3,000 Nov 14 Colonial Clock Company, Zeeland, Michigan, 9 Tube Grandfather Clock, mahogany case with fluted columns and scrolled door, Thomas” Shelf Clock Estimate: Auctioneer: Sold Price: Sold Date: Rare. Covers American, European and Continental clocks of all types. Store Item: Colonial Manufacturing Co. Grandfather Clock 1996.06.01 Used at parsonage of Second Reformed Church c. 1910-1917. German 400 Day clock Estimate: Auctioneer: Sold Price: Sold Date: A 20th century Kieninger & Obergfell 400 day clock. Colonial Grandfather … Pequegnat “Amherst” Shelf Clock Estimate: Auctioneer: Sold Price: Sold Date: Two versions of the “Amherst” model are... Keywords:Colonial / Dial / Kitchen / Mantel / Oak. $225.00. Colonial Grandfather Clocks Serial Number Early 1900 Empire Revival Grandfather clock, Colonial Mfg., Co., Zeeland, Michigan, heavy brass movement, triple tube chime, three heavy brass weights, mahogany case, full turned classical column corners, arch crest, 85″t 20″w 12″d. Moon phases, glass front, mahogany. Cannot locate a model number. In the picture to the left you will see the back side of the Grandfather clocks face, along with the clocks movement.As mentioned earlier , the face is attached to the clocks case with the brass straps that are screwed down to the clocks case. Colonial of Zeeland Grandfather Clock | a family heirloom - bystephanielynn. Day One 1. Pequegnat “St. Colonial Of Zeeland Clock Repair . Pequegnat “Panthenon” Shelf Clock Estimate: Auctioneer: Sold Price: Sold Date: Collectors refer to this model as the “Pant... Keywords:Colonial / Dial / Mantel / Shelf. He gifted it to us today. Appraised informally at $5,500. Kewaunee's grandfather clock set to chime once again The Colonial-style, all-wooden grandfather clock quickly became a regional and national attraction, not to mention a world record-holder. Colonial Clock Company 9 Tube Grandfather Clock Est. Excellent provenance. When Howard Miller donated a new clock to Second Reformed Church in the 1970s, the church gave their old Grandfather clock to the museum. Under the Table and Dreaming. 88” high, 26” wide, 19” deep. Company History 1906: Company incorporates. Vintage tall case clock by Colonial Molyneux features mahogany case with flanking columns and moon phase face, three key wind and three weight movement, in working condition, chimes on the quarter hour with hour count, Serial #8405721, original label, 20th century Measures - 76"h x 21"w x 13"d German 400 Day clock Estimate: Auctioneer: Sold Price: Sold Date: A 20th century Kieninger & Obergfell 400 day clock. Cannot locate a model number. We looked for a serial number or model number, but caouldn't locate either. Of course, large ticket items rarely sell at full retail prices. Colonial Grandfather Clock, tube chime, madeColonial Grandfather Clock, tube chime, made by Colonial Manufacturing Company, Zeeland, Michigan, model 1302, with Chippendale style case with broken; COLONIAL Tall clock with brass numerals andCOLONIAL Tall clock with brass numerals and shoe feet, complete with pendulum and weights. 26 watching. Colonial Clock of Zeeland Factory Authorized Repair Center USA. Colonial Of Zeeland Clock Value . This clock was manufactured by Colonial Manufacturing Company of Zeeland, MI. Left weight is not working so it will chime on the 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 hour, but not on the hour. Colonial Of Zeeland Clock Instructions . or Best Offer. While curious as to its current value, we are much more interested in getting our hands on a key for the case.

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