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Thanks so much, Sunshine! As part of our basement renovation, we decided to use Luxury Vinyl plank flooring throughout our new space. The tongue is opposite of the grooved side, running along 1 of the plank’s longer edges. I love unique wall decor! This thickness of plank is designed to “score and snap” meaning you score it with a utility knife, then bend the plank until it snaps along the line. The above Luxury Vinyl Plank Tips and Tricks should cover almost all the install issues you encounter, but if you discover any new ones we’ve overlooked, drop us a message with your LVP hack. Wear gloves, a mask, and ideally eye protection for this part, you will be shocked at the amount of trapped dust and dirt in the carpet padding. This thickness of plank is designed to “score and snap” meaning you score it with a utility knife, then bend the plank until it snaps along the line. Just keep laying flooring, staggering joints by whatever the manufacturer suggests and avoid installing any glaring pattern repeats next to each other. This isn’t going to necessarily be a full tutorial for installing LifeProof Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring because Home Depot’s instructions (both the ones that come with the flooring and the official installation video at the end of this post) do a great job. Most of your install will go very quickly, but the last 5% of any given project will test your skills and possibly make you invent new ones. We will eventually be doing our whole house! Today I wanted to share with you tips on how to install luxury vinyl plank flooring and how we did it in our own space. Pretty well. Call Us 732-285-1015. When a friend gave me these vintage doors I had no intention of using them with sconce lights. Calculate the dimension of the space rightly to get the right amount of underlayment needed. I have searched extensively at numerous Dollar Trees stores during the pandemic but have not been... Have you ever wanted wondered how to make a Christmas swag for your front door, a lantern, your... Do you ever see kitchen upper cabinets in thrift stores and donation centers? This is more robust than sheet vinyl but not as thick as most laminates, and because LVP and LVT flooring is waterproof and doesn't require an underlayment, it can go right over your existing flooring without raising the level of the floor by a significant amount. This carpet as seen is fair share of abuse, as you can clearly see. The only major rule for installing vinyl plank floors is that the surface needs to be flat. We had a couple corner cupboards that -with a little trimming – would allow for flooring to go right under them and avoid some lousy angle cuts. When you start cutting and laying the planks, it is advisable to use planks randomly get a more consistent look. Lets watch this video so you can better understand what I am talking about on where to start installing my laminate or vinyl plank floor . When you reach the end of a given run, you will probably need to make a cut. To learn more about our best overall tips for installing vinyl plank read this post. Installing click lock vinyl plank flooring is very similar to laminate flooring. Required fields are marked *. You can check them out from a local flooring store or buy a box ( or two or three) of them at one of the big box stores. The reason we picked this is we could install it ourselves, it's relatively budget friendly, we can lay it over concrete floors that are not 100% level, and it can withstand moisture. You don’t need to be a professional installer or even have prior experience for you to carry out the installation. Am I right? We removed the door casing and baseboards around most of the area, we did leave one wall worth of baseboard because it had plenty of space left at the floor to install our planks, but it the baseboards sit flush to the floor you will want to remove those! Using a straight edge measure, mark, scour and snap! Wear knee pads... hubby had a pair he kept offering, but I'm stubborn and insisted that I did not need them, my bruised knees by the end of the weekend may beg to differ. Installing the flooring isn’t hard to do and these tips will help you install like a pro. This is more robust than sheet vinyl but not as thick as most laminates, and because LVP and LVT flooring is waterproof and doesn't require an underlayment, it can go right over your existing flooring without raising the level of the floor by a significant amount. If you plan on reusing your trim, put it out of the way to ensure no one steps on them, we don't need and trips to the ER in the middle of our DIY's, do we? You simply score the plank with the knife, bend and run the knife through the bend to snap it off. We now answered the question ” where do I start installing my laminate or vinyl plank floor” now I need to show you how to start. We are NOT going to throw darts at a drawing of the rooms to decide! 1.2 Even if you’ve found the easiest flooring to install, get someone to help you (or have it done by a pro)! We found it easier to scour the back padding, snap it, then cut the vinyl along the line. During installation, you can mix planks from different boxes to blend the dye lots/patterns to create a more uniform appearance. This project is an easy... Materials:3-1×2@6′7-1x4s@6′1 1/4″ wood screwsPaint or stainCut List:3-1×2@61″5-1×4@61″3-1×4@22... Who else is tired of consistently cleaning your glass shower doors? Vinyl Flooring Cons Vinyl flooring does have many drawbacks. We used my brad nailer to take the spacers (the little black square on the baseboard) directly to the baseboard or wall around the room. We have tried cleaning it but the stains always resurfaced. OUR CHOICE . We worked our way from the bottom of the stairs backwards and through the long hallway. But one of the newest trends is giving us something else to think about: luxury vinyl planks (LVP). Vinyl Plank Flooring Versus Laminates. Method 3 of 3: Selecting the Color and Width. These long photo filled tutorial posts take AGES to pull together – so happy you find the results helpful! Easy tips to design your own logo for personalized wall art. Our pittie ate the floor when she was a puppy, because, well.... puppies! This is a at the Slaughterbeck Floors website. Luxury vinyl plank flooring (or LVP) is an inexpensive way to update your home, especially for high traffic areas. The manufacturing procedure uses toxic chemicals, and most vinyl flooring can off-gas VOCs after installation. The... We moved into our home 13 years ago. YOU GUYS. 2 The Easiest Flooring to Install: Our Top 5 Picks; 3 #1. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The waterproof planks are constructed with four layers and contain a waterproof core built to withstand spills and splashes. Before I start, it’s important to know that I was dealing with 4mm thick luxury vinyl plank (LVT) flooring. Vinyl plank flooring can usually be laid right over existing flooring, but if there are … This will ensure that your flooring is sufficiently durable to last for several years. Nothing screams the 1970’s and 1980’s like good old bifold doors. Ensure that Walls are Smooth and Clean . We had on older dog, who clearly had his fair share of accidents, and even with deligent spot cleaning the stains were deep and set in. Our Custom Bar Sign! LVP is probably the fastest DIY installed floor out there! Plus, vinyl is designed to be DIY friendly, and many homeowners opt to lay the flooring themselves. 7 Materials. We needed to do this where the flooring … As a DIYer you may ask, which is the direction to install a vinyl plank flooring? Call Us 732-285-1015. Installing Mohawk luxury vinyl plank and tile is quick and easy with Uniclic ® Technology, our exclusive glueless locking system.Mohawk luxury vinyl tile can be installed directly over most existing floor coverings, except for carpet, laminate, and cushioned vinyl flooring. Then, use a level to find any spots where the ground is uneven and apply concrete self-leveling compound to even it out. Advertisement. That, my friends, is what we in the DIY game call a triple threat. Luxury vinyl plank flooring can be installed over any floor in good condition. But there has since been an explosion of offerings for vinyl plank flooring, including products that look like ceramic and porcelain, and natural stone like marble or granite. The flooring manufacture recommends leaving a 1/4 inch space at any wall to allow for expansion, I'm not entirely sure if they are talking about the flooring product or the foundation itself.... but better safe than sorry! Patch up any holes or open spaces to make it level. This is going to be more of an experience than a tutorial, and may be lengthy, but will be full of tricks and tips we learned along our way, on how my husband and I, as first time floor installers, got our existing carpet up and out and vinyl plank floors INSTALLED in two days time! Read our full disclosure statement here. Vinyl plank can be installed over any smooth surface. Follow the instructions on the adhesive for trowel size and drying time. Prepare the Floor. We are going to put some thought into this. Prepare for Installation. … At least 48 hours prior to installation, place the new vinyl plank flooring in the room for acclimation. Vinyl Plank Floor Install Tips and Tricks. It typically takes about 4 hours to install laminate flooring in a 10- x 12-foot room. We did our whole main floor over the course of about a week – not working at it constantly. I didn't take any pictures of the cleanup phase because we were knee deep in dirt and tack strips and it wasn't fun! Surprisingly a small room can actually take almost as long a big room if there are a lot of tricky cuts around built-ins, cupboards or floor grates. Be careful and make sure you over the tongue/groove an on the hard vinyl top layer, if you tap it into place by the tongue/groove you risk damaging that layer and it won't connect properly to the next board, and we don't need that! I had to use both hands because they arent the steadiest, but the more careful you are the more likely you will be able to reinstall the same trim after all is said and done. Eventually, you will have to make some cuts – both simple and challenging. With an installation process easy enough for a DIYer, this flooring option will give any space a polished look that will last for years. Generally a 1/16 inch trowel is used for spreading the adhesive, some adhesives may also be applied with a short-napped paint roller. One final note: The tongues, edges and corners of a lone plank are fragile and can chip or snap if you’re not careful.

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