how to clean whole tilapia fish

I have never made fresh fish before and it does feel a bit intimidating but I’d hate to see the frozen tilapia we have go to waste. Set the fish in the bowl and turn to coat in the vinegar mixture. Doesn’t it look cute to have some lemon scales? Make two slashes into the skin on each side of the fish. Clean the fish thoroughly, specially the inner cavity. Use moderate force and rotate the fish as you go, until all the scales are removed. Place two cloves of garlic and a sprig of parsley into the cavity of each fish. Mix the butter and herbs then spread half the butter mixture inside each fish. You can just save them in a bag in the freezer until you have enough. I never had the experience of staying in a hostel, and quite frankly I only hear about it from travel sites and the Globe Trekker (originally broadcast as Lonely Planet) series back in the 90's. It fed 10 of us plenty with lots of leftovers! Such A Fun Word! When we lived in California i was able to buy fresh fish often. Cover the other side of the fish with lemon slices. Start the Cut. Whisk together the cider vinegar, mustard and dill in a medium sized bowl. Serves 2 if you each eat your own tilapia, or 4 if you split them. If you’re concerned, look for U.S. raised tilapia. I still haven’t made puff pastry because I’m certain I’ll make disaster. 🙂. In this video, you’ll learn how to cook tilapia. Roughly cut tomatoes, onions/shallots and mince garlic. Babies keep you on your toes! Thanks for commenting and hope to hear from you again! Usually the Asian Market will trim it off. I just made this though slightly modified. Vegetarian/Gluten free:  If you eat seafood you're fine, there is no other meat added.  The recipe is gluten free. I am so glad I have found your recipe and how to cook a whole fish ! Will post later to tell you how it went. Some tilapia from China has been found to have been fed manure instead of the appropriate fish food.  But that does not mean all tilapia is unsafe. Thank you so much for your support! The Tilapia was so full of bones we throw it away. No need to seal the fish. Wrap fish tightly, but DON’T ENCASE IT IN ALUMINUM FOIL ORIGAMI. Step #1: Clean whole fish with water and place the whole fish flat on a cutting board or table (for freshwater fish clean with freshwater and for saltwater fish clean with saltwater because otherwise it will ruin the flesh). If it was a fillet, I will often cover those to keep them moist, but a whole fish can keep its own moisture in. It literally was like going into the pages of Travel + Leisure magazine. What else scares you? I have cooked live crabs before, definitely took some courage gathering. The internal temperature in the flesh of the baked tilapia should be 145 degrees F. Once your tilapia is cooked, you can serve one per person, split it between two people, or (if it’s a big fish) your whole family. I’m so glad I’m an adventurous eater, because if I had refused those fish I would have missed out on a valuable cooking lesson. or do you? *Note: You can cut the head off either before or after fillet process since the head is great for making … Tilapia is a versatile, mild tasting fish that’s an inexpensive and plentiful alternative to other white fish like cod. Mandolin – if you wanna be fancy, but i don’t own one so I used a knife. It’s kind of romantic! Anyhow, My Kids And I Tried Your Recipe Tonight! Now generously … This helps us to cover some of the costs for this site. Note that any blood left in the fish will render a bitter taste when cooked, so roll your sleeves and clean it thoroughly! We love fish in our family. Fillets will need less time. Set Aside. That’s awesome Neil. A precursory rinse will get the slime, dirt, and debris off of the scales. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and get your free download of our favorite healthy cute kid snacks. Try something different by making a fragrant curry from tilapia fish fillets - it's ready in just 20 minutes 20 mins . Lay your fish on it and Stuff the cavity with the tomatoes, garlic and onion “salad”. Adults are usually 15 to 18 inches in length and weigh 5 to 6 pounds. Use the … Sorry I missed this comment earlier, I have finally gotten into a rhythm as a new mom. I must have done something wrong. Kid friendly foods rich in nutrition & flavor. We got way behind on comments with our new baby! Sorry I didn’t respond earlier Matthew, been adjusting to life with baby and got behind on answering comments. Thanks for your support! Thanks!! Tilapia is an inexpensive, commonly consumed fish that is farmed all over the world. I can see the uncooked flesh through the slits in the skin. Whisk together the cider vinegar, mustard and dill in a medium sized bowl. Go back into the fish’s cavity and hunt for more gore! Years ago when Eric and I were in Senegal (Africa), we had several huge covered bowls brought out to our group for lunch.  You should have seen some our teammates jump back when the covers were removed and they saw several whole fish laying on top of rice and vegetables. thank you it was delicious i could not have done it without reading this! Make 2-3 cuts on both sides of the fish. | Aquaponics Cooking |, Lemon Grilled Whole Tilapia with Grilled Bell Pepper Salsa « Cooking with Stellaaa, How To Cook A Whole Tilapia On The Grill | Information, 20hour Layover in Taiwan: My First (and 2nd) Hostel Experience, 20 Hour Layover in Taiwan: How to get out of Taipei Taoyuan Airport and Eating at Ning Xia Night Market, Travel + Leisure Global Bazaar 2012 Kickoff Party. Hi AJ, I polled some of my fellow bloggers on twitter since I wasn’t sure which would be better. It is also a very annoying and difficult step. Marinate the tilapia for around 45 minutes and refrigerate it. Rinse the tilapia off in cold water and hold it by the tail on a flat surface, like a cutting board. If it's filleted, a thin layer of darker meat below the skin is often removed. I didn’t marinate the fish, but I did coat the outside with lemon juice, dill, paprika, salt, pepper and panko crumbs. It.was.this.much.FUUUUUN!Bel […], One of Italy’s most known architectural structures is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Hi cbf, I’m guessing the probably was the freshness or quality of the fish. Place your fish under a stream of cold water and rub its body with both hands. Scrape all over the … I just wish I could find whole fish around here! Food Porn and Che […]. This will prevent unwanted objects from getting into the body of the fish when you … Preheat the oven to about 350°F or 175°C. Not a dumb question at all. Tilapia is typically a pond farmed fish. You may be able to find tilapia in a few other … Scale 1x 2x 3x Ingredients. Gently pull off skin and serve fish with onions and a fresh lemon slice. Rinse with cold water – DON’T RINSE WITH HOT WATER, it will start cooking the fish, and you dont want that. ), remove them before. Remove the tilapia from the marinade, and place the fillets on the baking sheet. You do kind of have to flake the fish off as you eat it. Wipe the tilapia dry, and spray or brush the skin with oil. BEST TILAPIA RECIPE: 15 MINUTE PARMESAN TILAPIA. South Carolina (2017). You can do it Kelly! We shall see how it turns out! Have only tried cooking a whole fish once, and it was a royal mess 🙁 So looking forward to trying your way ! Check out my seafood stock recipe for how to make the stock. Cook the fish for 5 to 7 minutes on each side, until the skin is crisp and the meat can easily be lifted away from the backbone. You want to bake the tilapia until the flesh easily flakes with a fork. Cover the other side of the fish with lemon slices. Make two slits on each side of the fish, like so. Besides the fact that your time is closer to what my butcher/seafood guy recommends, it also is different enough to be a special meal for my husband for tonight. After removing everything … Create a free website or blog at I was just wondering if it would be alright to remove the head and when would be the best time to remove it if so? Rub salt all over the fish including the insides. Words cannot explain how much fun the Travel + Leisure Global Bazaar 2012 Kickoff Party was. Texas (2017). This looks delicious! I love to cook, first time I made a whole fish I simply ignored the fishes face(hehe). If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your costs will be the same but Eating Richly Even When You're Broke will receive a small commission. Probably the only thing that scares me are live food, whether to cook or eat. Hold a knife or spoon with your other hand and scrape it from the tail toward the head to remove the scales. Most of our group decided on granola bars for lunch that day, but Eric and I circled around a bowl with our African teammates and dug in!  The tilapia were incredibly delicious and full of flavor. That’s why I usually do one small fish per person or have couples share one. Lemon Pepper Tilapia Don’t be scared. Rub some salt and turmeric powder on the fish. Spoon some of the liquid into the slits of the fish. Step 3. Nutritional and cost information is for estimating purposes only, and subject to variations due to region, seasonality, and product availability. Pan fried whole Tilapia Ingredients: Whole tilapia; Steak seasoning; Salt; Oil for frying Method: Thoroughly wash the fish, making sure to clean out the cavity and remove any blood and innards. Sprinkle some black pepper and oregano on the fish, and bake for around 15 to 20 minutes. It also lets the fish absorb more flavor if you let it marinate for a bit. I followed the directions exactly. Lay a whole Tilapia on a cutting board. An excellent source of protein, farm-raised tilapia is low fat with a sweet and delicate texture that lends itself to being cooked in a variety of ways. Tilapia have recently been observed in the following states: Florida (2019). 🙂. )I ended up in Taiwan because some flights to Manila involved 20 hour layovers. But it is best to buy tilapia whole. Set your fish up in a sink or cleaning station. Thank You! Mix well. Bake 15-20 minutes until the fish flakes easily with a fork (thickest part of fish should be 145 degrees). Spoon some of the liquid into the slits of the fish. Pull it out. Heat oil in a wide frying pan When the oil is hot, put-in the tilapia. Use two pieces of foil to form two sections in a baking dish. That sounds awful! The Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) is a freshwater fish with a high tolerance for brackish and colder water. Instructions Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Rinse the fish and pat very dry. I love Asher’s response to having his own fish. Clean your fish, AGAIN. lol. Bake, uncovered, in a 400°F oven until fish temperature reaches 135°F and flesh in opaque and flaky. Thanks for your reply. My wife declared that the fish “tasted like a wet paper towel”. Hmmm, I’m not sure what happened Holly. The drinks were overflowing, the booths were entertaining and the decor was very well done. I find cooking a whole fish is a great way to save money on seafood, but people are often intimidated by it.  If you fall into that group of people, don’t worry. Practice deboning fish regularly to make filleting a quick and easy process. Florida and Texas appear to be the best places to fish for tilapia in since they have 33 and 44 areas respectively where tilapia have been observed. I often interchange the different kinds of mustard depending on if I’m looking for more tangy or more spicy. I can regularly find huge bags of frozen, whole tilapia for only $12.  The fish are cleaned and scaled, they just need to be cooked. Had to agree…. I can say I am so excited to find this recipe. Rinse the tilapia off in cold water and hold it by the tail on a flat surface, like a cutting board. There are a lot of stories out there about the dangers of tilapia, or saying that bacon is better for you than tilapia. Whisk together cider vinegar, mustard and dill in a medium sized bowl. Our student Asher was blown away the first time I served whole baked tilapia.  I asked him, “Don’t you only eat whole fish in China?”. c. Make a downward cut that is about 1/2 of an inch deep or half the width of the fish. I think pickle juice is a cool idea. I am cooking it at 425. How to Clean Tilapia Step 1. Italy – Daytrip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa from Florence for 9 Euros! Make slits along the fins with a boning knife. We fish often for trout so steam them the same way with seasoning wrapped in foil cooked to steamy. Those flavors sound wonderful Kayla, I’d love to hear how it goes! When I make whole tilapia, I would give my very hungry exchange students each one of their own, while Eric and I split one. This is my first time doing it in the oven. Cover the tilapia … Cut remaining lemons into thin slices; tuck slices around base of fish and sprinkle remaining cilantro over onions and lemons in dish. Esp tilapia, which we usually grill. I am a Poupon kind of person, but my sister swears by “American” mustard. We'd love to keep in touch. I’m not a fan of prepared mustard (smell reminds me of horrible hot afternoons and soft pretzels in grade school) but I do use powdered mustard and add seasoned salt/paprika/pepper/oil. The first step to cook a whole fish, whether you get your fish frozen like I did or fresh from a tank, is to, If your fish is fresh, refrigerate it when you get home and, If your tilapia is frozen, place it in a sealed gallon bag and refrigerate over night to thaw.  You can also place it in a sink of cold water (in the sealed bag) and change the water out every half hour until the fish is thawed.Â, 1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill, or 1 teaspoon dried. It’s a cheap dish to make. Rinse until the water runs clear. Easy . It is a freestanding bell tower that tilted to one side because the foundation on ground on one side was too soft to support its own weight.This campanile is part of the Piazza dei Miracoli otherwise known as Piazza del Duomo where there are four great religious structures – the […], Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers eaters from the swift (and joyful) completion of their appointed rounds...Meatopia 2012 was met with tornado warnings and scattered rainshowers - like the mailmen of yore, these happy meatopians survived the crazy weather paired with amazing cocktails and delicious food. You’ll find you can basically peel the flesh right off of the bones. This baked tilapia recipe will walk you through how to cook a whole fish with easy, affordable, whole tilapia. ), Shallots/Onion, whatever you have – one medium onion or 2-3 shallots, Grill! Place two cloves of garlic and a sprig of parsley into the cavity of each fish. Trim the tail and the fins. Sorry if I missed this in the instructions, but I don’t know the answer. Tilapia is a popular edible fish that is low in fat and a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. We really enjoyed the results, fast and easy but very tasty. 20 ratings 4.8 out of 5 star rating. This cut should reach from the spine to the belly. Ew. I often buy this bag too as we are a family of 5 and all of us love fish nobody is a picky eater my husband and kids favorite it’s the head the kids argue over the eyes I salt and pepper the head so it has good flavor and yes tilapia has many bones but we don’t mind picking them out and in the Philippines we often eat a banana after as to get any little bones out of your throat if you accidentally swallow any. Make 2 slits on each side, and salt your fish liberally inside and both sides outside. I would love to try baking a whole fish and with your tips I think I could be successful! By clicking these links to buy anything on Amazon you’re helping support this site without any additional cost for you. Baked piri-piri tilapia with crushed potatoes. I cut the fish down the middle and stuff it, then bake. A wide variety of fish cleaning tilapia options are available to you, such as fillet, whole, and body. Pull it out! Cut lemons into thin slices. Thanks for your recipe and cooking guidance. I love to do this, but I do cook it on my gas grill. It takes about 12-14mins per side, but since i don’t really time it, i usually wait until i see the foil to be a bit burned like this. Make two slashes into the skin on each side of the fish. Please go to, WHOLE Tilapia, Cleaned at the market and trimmed (See? Rub the fish inside and out with salt and pepper and put in the foil-lined tin. On a piece of foil big enough to wrap your fish, lay out your lemon slices. So terrific! My favorite was Red Snapper stuffed with a wheat bulgar mixture. They Like To Call Me The Minnow. Most tilapia is sold when the fish weighs about 1 1/2 pounds. See if there are more innards left. I want to cook this whole Tilapia tonight but you don’t say whether I should close the foil up tight or leave it open. I picked Taiwan because I have never been ther […], Arresting to the senses. The fish was frozen when I bought it and after it thawed it smelled extremely fishy, though not /bad/ per se. I usually coat with sea food batter and fry.I just wanted something different and I could say healthier. I tried this today. I just tried this tonight and it came out wonderful! (Bake at 375 degrees for 20 mins or longer.). Only question I would have is how to get the meat off the fish after cooking without a ton of bones or shredding the meat. Grilled Whole Tilapia – the Filipino Way (and how to clean out fish guts!) You don’t get one big fillet like you would if it was cut raw. dumb question….You don’t eat the whole fish though right? Bake 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees F until the fish flakes easily with a fork (thickest part of fish should be 145 degrees). So sorry that it didn’t turn out for you. You must remove the entrails, clean and prepare the meat for cooking. I cook with feelings and without exact measurements. Grill it over medium heat. Hi Jayne, I tried to reply earlier and it looks like it didn’t work so I apologize if you’re getting this twice. On a piece of foil big enough to wrap your fish, lay out your lemon slices. Remove the head, innards, skin and bones of a Tilapia and reserve just the meat for cooking. Just waiting for it to cook now. Place one fish in each section and drizzle remaining vinegar mixture into the fish cavity and the slashes on the top side of the fish. Set aside for 5 … Lay the fish on its side with the spine facing you. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hope that helps! Place your knife at a 45 degree angle, under the fin, at the point where the gills meet the body of the fish. Fish scales only require removal when leaving the skin on fillets, but some people prefer to scale the fish in any case. Ohio (2017). What looks like the scaly part of the fish is actually the skin, it’s been scaled so it’s edible and delicious. Cleaning a bass is simple and consistent with the process required for cleaning most fish. Would love to hear some of the ways she flavors it, always on the lookout for new ideas! (Told you it was graphic.). No so now, we have to catch ours. Delicious! Hope that helps and glad you liked the recipe 🙂. Rinse each whole tilapia and pat very dry. Just wondering if there is other marinates you can use or any suggestions for one..I often find myself substituting ingr if I don’t have what it calls for.. Can you use pickle juice as part of the marinate? I’ve made this recipe several times, and notice it’s not nearly as good when the fish has been in my freezer for six months. The biggest fish I ever cooked whole was a King salmon I bought from the Indian tribe down by the Bonneville dam. The choices were Japan and Taiwan. Go with what you prefer, I always say recipes are guidelines not rules! I have more in the bag frozen, but this fish has more bones than trout, and small suckers too. I found several recipes which cook at higher temp for considerably longer so I expect those will be overcooked. Hi Mary, so sorry I’m just now getting to your question. We are not fans of Tilapia but this will work with other mild whole fish. Most said to cut the head off after cooking the fish so that hopefully some of the amazing flavor in the head will seep down into the rest of the fish that way. Scrape a fillet knife across the fish from tail to head to force off the scales. This baked tilapia recipe will walk you through how to cook a whole fish with easy, affordable, whole tilapia. Lay your fish on it and Stuff the cavity with the tomatoes, garlic and onion “salad”. Step 2. Rinse well from the market, make sure that all the nasty bits are gone- gills, intestines and all. I would be scared to see that too. Tilapia swim in a tank in Chicago, part of an experimental program in a former meat processing plant that is farming fish, mushrooms and … : ), I Am The Manager For A Seafood Department, Fishmonger.. Have you tried testing the temperature of your oven? Rinse your catch in cool water to clean it. The vinegar might go really well with fish, it’s also a great way to prevent waste by using the liquid from your pickles. Ask Question. You need access to the fish so you can check its doneness. Am I supposed to close this like a packet and bake or just leave open and bake? The fish has been baking for over an hour now, and it is still not flaky. If you try it I’d love to hear how it worked. Cut open the fish entirely, moving the knife along the cavity of the fish to make it easy for cleaning a tilapia fish. I bought the $12 bag @ Sam’s as you suggest. I prepare the wheat bulgar, stir fry onions, then add golden raisins, then add the cooked cracked wheat. It was almost 30 pounds and bigger than my entire kitchen counter! Thanks! Last summer, I went on a smorgasbord trip to Italy, Israel and France (and havent blogged most of it yet - soon, I will do it! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. That’s the most likely cause. Glad I found this recipe tonight. For example I saw a Japanese restaurant where the chef fries whole live fish, and keeps the fishes head alive by putting a wet cloth over it and carefully frying its body. just the insides? I found there was plenty of flavor without it. $5.19 for two! Learn how your comment data is processed. If you have a mandolin, use it. Usually we eat all the meat from one side of the fish and then the other. After deciding on the Taiwan layover, the decision to get a Taipei City hotel was easy - yet difficult. Trimming it is optional because it doesn’t affect taste. Place the fish in the bowl and turn to coat in the vinegar mixture. Probably the only other thing that scares me is cooking for a lot of people, I already have, and just stay calm and attentive so that was actually fine too. Cut open the belly of the fish by sliding the knife upward from the tail. Start the gutting process by slipping the tip of your fillet knife into … I really should take a whole month to make the things that scare me. Fish will continue cooking five minutes after you remove it from the oven. b. This is a new way of eating it for my family and I. Can’t wait till it’s done, we r cooking it now and the house smells GRRREAT!! Add salt and pepper to taste. Lol Anyhow, Safe Cooking Temperature For Seafood is Actually 145° Anything Stuffed Needs To Be 165° To Avoid Risks Of Bacteria Causing Sickness.. Food Safety Is Our Number One Priority! Whole fish have all of their fat, with skin on to hold the fat in.  Fish fat is lean, heart healthy, and has a lot of flavor.  By keeping the fat in the fish while cooking you get juicy, flavorful, mouthwatering fish. Excellent recipe, thank you! Spray the baking dish with the cooking spray. 1 large whole fish (such as mahi mahi, sea bass, or branzino), scaled and gutted; 1 – 2 tablespoons olive oil*; 1 large clove garlic, peeled and minced; 1 lemon, halved; handful of fresh herbs (such as rosemary and thyme) sea salt, freshly-cracked black pepper and garlic powder Could you tell me what kind of mustard you use? Lightly sprinkle both sides and the cavity with salt. You can also choose from frozen fish cleaning tilapia, as well as from iqf fish cleaning tilapia There are 422 suppliers who sells fish cleaning tilapia on, mainly located in Asia. Posts may contain affiliate links. Rinse the fish and pat very dry. Rub the foil with olive oil. Personal Tidbit: I was a short lived tra […], I finally paid Manila a visit after 10 years of living in New York City. Some also said that if you would like to make fish stock (a great way to save money and feel like you’re not wasting the heads! Yay Ian Wright! Now with the fish cut up entirely, pull out the entrails and clean up the cavity of every remnant that is there. Oh so gross and disgusting! Seems it should be sealed, but recipe doesn’t clarify so I will make it as stated, two sections of the dish to keep them separate while cooking, foil not closed. Kudos to every one who made this event possible! Sounds awesome and baked fish can be great, my wife cooks it differently every time and she flavors it in a myriad of ways. It was so heavenly. That’s correct Natalia, though you could definitely add some salt and pepper if you’d like. Check the insides. Make two slashes into the skin on each side of the fish. Also used some sage and thyme I had on hand for stuffing along with the garlic. “Yes.  But there is just one fish for all of us.  In America I get my OWN fish!”  His excitement was contagious and baked tilapia became one of our favorite meals to serve our students. I used apple cider vinegar since it works well with my best rib recipe. I have always wanted to do more fish but it always overcooks for me. Bake tilapia for about 15 minutes at 400 degrees if your cooking a whole fish. Or could the fish not have been thawed all the way? For me it’s typically baking things. Cover the frying pan, but make sure to open it a little so that steam can come out. Pat dry. This baked tilapia recipe will walk you through how to cook a whole fish step by step! Sounds you have the secrets to cooking for a crowd mastered. Yummy! You can eat the meat in the head as well, including the sweet cheeks of the fish. You can cook the entire bass or remove the fillets to isolate the meat. Any ideas of why this is taking so long? Add about 2-3 tbsp soy sauce, salt and pepper. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I probably should put this on my ‘I need to try this’ list because cooking whole fish definitely intimidates me.

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