what do spiral aloe seeds look like

The plants do not seem to sucker or produce offshoots, but from the germination of their seeds they can form small, dense clumps. 100% Upvoted. We’ve built our reputation on charging reasonable prices even when we don’t have to. Aloe polyphylla “Spiral Aloe” can be propagated by offsets or seeds. The fat, wide, serrated, gray-green leaves have sharp, dark leaf-tips and grow in the five spiral rows. Polyphylla is a relative of the common aloe vera. I Googled Aloe polyphylla pics; none look like my Aloe. Hi all. I received Aloe polyphylla, 'Spiral Aloe,' from Logee's yesterday. germination instructions Aloe polyphylla - spiral aloe: There is no pre-treatment of the seeds required. 99 $29.99 $29.99. Aloe polyphylla is spellbinding. The stemless spirals of toothy leaves can twist in either direction, and plants typically grow together in tight clusters. The one closer to the edge is a sunrise. Holland in 1915 at Phurumela Mountains of Lesotho, and then Dr Schonland of Albany Museum in Grahamstown described it but not published until 1934. 9b-11 This is a tough Aloe from high elevations of 7000 - 8000' that can withstand colder … Spiraling begins when the plant is 8 and 12 … The genus is native to Africa and its surrounding areas and has been historically used as a medicinal plant dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. The spiraling from the center of the plant coming rosettes of spiral aloe give their typical appearance. A native of Lesotho, Africa, it is extremely endangered due to overcollecting. Your email address will not be published. Aloe polyphylla. What do aloe seeds look like? report. I have two tomato plants growing in the green house - they're both about a foot tall now. It is considered one of the most difficult succulents to grow. 3. They are tiny, grayish brown to black and flat. Optimal germination is between 68-78 degrees Fahrenheit. Fertilize once a year with a cactus fertilizer or half strength plant fertilizer. They prefer a coolish climate below 90 degrees. Beware of fake seeds if it, especially from China. The leaves hold a considerable amount of water, so they are quite plump. Each turn of the spiral has around 15 to 30 leaves. This page There are soft white teeth along the margins of the leaf. A sunny window will usually suffice. Unique visual stimulation for you and your guests! Adding perlite or rocks to your soil is a good way to increase drainage so that rot does not occur. This particular species can grow to be over 10 feet tall. Growing Information: A course, sandy soil mixture is best. Seeds that are light colored or white are not ready to harvest and will not germinate. A layer at the bottom of your container works well. Subscribe in a reader ← How to grow Coriander, Dhania leaves at Home; Easy Bulb Planting Guide – Grow Ranunculus Flowers → Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Ideal for cool, moderate climates like coastal northern California. Then, cover with an additional 1/4 inch layer of white pumice. pcbeachrat. Mist the aloe seeds whenever the sand mixture dries out in the top 1/2 inch. Very characteristic is the unique spiral arrangement of the leaves. Aloe Polyphylla (Spiral Aloe) Seeds quantity. But whereas Aloe Vera is valued for its medicinal properties, aloe polyphylla is coveted among succulent collectors for its striking spiraled leaf rosettes and vibrant red to pink flowers. Mature plant will have 5 rows of leaves twisting either left or right. Most people fall in love with spiral aloe (Aloe polyphylla) the first time they see one.Take a look at this specimen at the UC Botanical Garden in Berkeley and you understand why. Germination can take several months, so be patient. Monrovia Aloe Polyphylla in. CareProvide full sun or light shade and excellent drainage. Bigger seeds need to be covered with the mineral soil, small seeds should remain on the surface. Propagating by seeds would be difficult since this succulent is a difficult type to grow. . This slow-growing succulent type does not require repotting often. The leaves of Spiral Aloe are wide and have sharply-pointed tips that are purplish-brown in color. 7 Spiral Aloe Seeds Aloe Polyphylla Rare Unique Succulent Container or Landscape. The seeds are sown in mineral-based cat litter (no clumping litter) or perlite (germ-free) in plastic-pots. Posted by 2 years ago. This Spiral Aloe or called, Aloe polyphylla #olivrahomedecor#cactusflower#succulentsofinstagram#succulentcollection#cactusofinstagram#cacti#cactus#cactusobsession#cactusclub#succulento#cactus#aloevera#aloeplant#succulentobsession#succulentbabies#succulove#mygarden#succulents#succulent#instagarden#succulentlove. The wild population in Lesotho is almost extinct, and buying or collecting the plant there is a criminal offense. But we located some seeds. How many do you want? Close. Answer Save. 3 Answers. Not your spiral aloe sculptures! Full sun to light shade. It is extremely frost hardy and can only be left outdoors in Zones 10-11. We are happy to have finally gotten a supply of these seeds for those who wish to try their (green-thumbed) hands at growing this awesome species. What do side shoots look like on tomato plants? The fat, wide, serrated, gray-green leaves have sharp, dark leaf-tips. Looking for a live spiral aloe. share. Please sow the seeds on the mineral soil. Polyphylla is a relative of the common aloe vera. Place seed on soil surface and cover with 1/8 inch of coarse, sharp sand or grit (horticultural grit or the poultry grit sold at a feed store for giving to chickens). The Aloe polyphylla originates from Lesotho and is growing there in high mountains. I guarantee that my plants are genuine! Use Current Location. Aloe polyphylla is on the endangered species list. You can use coconut peat too at the beginning. Spiral Aloe is a stemless plant with leaves that spiral.. A 2 year old plant will have 35-45 leaves. The rosettes grow up to 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter. {{gwi:606787}} stranger on left {{gwi:606788}} {{gwi:606789}} {{gwi:606790}} The Fang is also different then all the other sprouts. Its pointy spiraling form looks more like origami than a plant. WHAT DO ZINNIA SEEDS LOOK LIKE? Plant 5 seeds or more per pot (Aloes love crowding in the seedling stage). At about 2 years old, the leaves begin to spiral either to the right or to the left, when viewed from above. Unfortunately, Aloe polyphylla is one of the more difficult aloes to grow in our climate.It’s quite cold hardy for an aloe so our winters are no problem. Keep the soil moist, but not overly wet. 29 Nov. Leaves form a unique clockwise or counterclockwise geometric spiral pattern as the plant ages. Aloe polyphylla Spiral Aloe The beautiful spirals of this succulent are mesmerizing, but are quite sharp. Get Pricing and Availability. $19.99 $ 19. The spiral aloe is unusual, with symmetrical leaves twirling around in a circle of growth. Place your seeds on the surface and cover lightly with a thin layer of sand. We've come to be relied upon by many as a dependable source for the unique seeds and botanicals they are looking for. I am desperately looking for a live spiral aloe with no luck. I'm worried I'll pull off the wrong part!! Sign up for newsletter today. Leaves are triangular, erect or incurved, up to 4.8 inches (12 cm) long and up to 0.7 inches (1.8 cm) wide. Am I better off trying my hand at starting from seeds? It is very hardy, but will rarely flower. We specialize in medicinal herbs and ethnobotanicals. The medium-sized rosettes reach about 10 inches and may produce reddish-orange bloom spikes in very bright light. 1. Each plant is different, and the spiral can turn either clockwise or counter clockwise. Description Additional information Description. Gardeners with mature plants have probably seen the seeds in the flowers after they brown and lose petals. We cannot replace lost or seized items. Then put the plastic pot in a ziplock bag - with a pot size of 6 cm , a ziplock bag of size 12 x 17 cm is recommended . I know I have to pull off the side shoots to encourage more growth, but I need to know what I'm looking for? Of course, the first-time repotting is essential when it is bought from the store. Add to cart. These will look fabulous in all your outdoor pots year-round. Cultivation, and especially seed production can be tricky, and so seed stocks from nurseries tend to be rather limited. No water required! Whether the spiral moves clockwise or counter-clockwise, the leaves are arranged in a way that the spiral looks perfect. Golden toothed aloe plants look handsome in … Finding seeds or live specimens of this gem can prove challenging because it is an endangered plant, and collection from the wild is prohibited. Click here for an explanation of terms. They are ideal for rock gardens or as potted houseplants. A wonderful addition to dry borders and rock gardens. 4 comments. It does not thrive with any kind of heat and should not be considered where temperatures regularly reach the high 90s or more in summer. This thread is archived. Visiting the Spiral Aloe Plants at Succulent Gardens. Item #430194 Model #047322. Location: on the windowsill or in a small greenhouse in partial shade, daytime temperatures at about 73-83 F, somewhat lower at night at 68-72 F. The resulting micro-climate provides ideal conditions for germination. The sun can’t burn their leaves either. What is a Spiral Aloe? A left-turning spiral. 1 decade ago. Aloe is a genus of over four hundred species. Spiral aloe (Aloe polyphylla) information says pups don’t often grow on this plant, but propagation from seed is simple. Looking for a live spiral aloe. Aloe polyphylla is a stemless aloe and grows its leaves in a very distinctive spiral shape. Aloe polyphylla, called spiral aloe is an exceptional beauty and rarity among the aloe species. Relevance. Then close the ziplock bag - Ready! Spiral Aloe can take some time to reach maturity, even a few years. Other than in habitats, I do not think there is anywhere in the world where there are this many Aloe polyphylla in bloom. The plants do not seem to sucker or produce off-shoots, but from the germination of their seeds they can form small, dense clumps. Spiral aloe. Aloe polyphylla is a coveted ornamental succulent from the Drakensberg Mountains of Southern Africa. This has been especially true for international buyers who have a harder time finding the types of products we offer. Check Other Stores closed. Posted on November 29, 2018 December 2, 2018 by unusualseeds. Aloe polyphylla is a fast-growing species that can reach full size in 5 or 6 years. Aloe nobilis is a plant full of personality, with its abundant yellow spikes and rose-tipped leaves. Perhaps im just trippin'. Sales and Offers. That said, seeds are available for purchase online. Fill in the ziplock bag as much tap water with a few drops of universal fertilizer, so that after the absorption of the substrate a few mm of water remain on the bottom. Lack of babies partially explains the rarity of this South African native. Needs perfect drainage and and lots of bright light. The genus is native to Africa, and is common in South Africa's Cape Province, the mountains of tropical Africa, and neighbouring areas such as Madagascar, the Arabian peninsula, and the islands of Africa. Mature plants have five ranks of leaves which contain 15 to 30 leaves growing in either a clockwise or counterclockwise pattern. It requires excellent drainage and hours of daily direct sun. How To Grow Aloe From Seeds. The most unusual feature of this aloe is the perfect spiral in which the leaves are arranged. Fluorescent lights work well as a light source for starting seeds. A plant can count up to 150 leaves geometrically arranged in 5 ranks. Aloe polyphylla at UC Botanical Garden, January 28, 2012. Shop Succulents Standing Collection Hand Selected, Air Purifying Live Aloe Vera Indoor House Plant in 4" Grow Pot, Single . FREE Shipping. Favorite Answer. JOIN OUR GARDENING COMMUNITY ON FB FOR MORE TIPS AND TRICKS! I am relatively new to the succulent world. Exotic Seeds, Botanicals, Cacti and More! Spiral Aloe doesn’t get its unique look until it gets between 8 and 12 inches (20 and 30 cm) in diameter. The spiral aloe can be rather frost tolerant. Aloe polyphylla is a coveted ornamental succulent from the Drakensberg Mountains of Southern Africa. More watering is not required because no moisture evaporates through the ziplock bag . A must-have for the succulent collector! 3 seeds 18.30 $ In purchasing, international buyers agree to assume the risk of arrival of all items. At this point, we stock over 600 unique products. This crop is about 10 years old and is blooming for the first time. Our passion has always been to collect and offer as many unique products as we can. A stunning succulent garden specimen with a rosette of fleshy, spiny, gray-green leaves that forms a fascinating clockwise or counterclockwise geometric spiral pattern as the plant ages. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name * … The fleshy gray-green leaves form a tight rosette that becomes a beautiful spiral, either clockwise or counterclockwise, as the plant ages. Wanted this Aloe a long time...only found seeds...tried sowing, nada. The grit holds the seed in place and keeps the seed from floating when being watered. Aloe polyphylla AL-oh pol-ee-FIL-lah Audio The spine-tipped leaves of this aloe grow in a beautiful spiral; mature plants have five rows of leaves growing either clockwise or counterclockwise. Today, this plant is protected from common uses, such as becoming an ingredient in cosmetic or therapeutic products. ZINNIA SEED CLOSE UP ZINNIA SEED IDENTIFICATION. Get all the latest information on Events, When they can be found, collectors gobble them up. / Plants, Bulbs & Seeds / Succulents. Once established, aloe enjoys full sun if it can be given. Aloe sinkatana seed pods on plant opening (left) and several in hand in various stages of aging (right) seed on left is not ripe yet (notice nearly white) while seeds on right, though clumping from juices of cut fruit, are nice and dark (ripe and ready to sow) Archived. save. In its natural habitat, Basotho people believe that the direction of the spiral can show the sex of the plant, but the fact is that this succulent is bisexual. Each greenish gray leaf has a broad base and narrows to a dark tip. You will be required to confirm that you agree to these terms before items can be sent. They germinate readily and are as easy to grow as most succulents. Aloe humilis is a small succulent that forms dense clusters of stemless or very short-stemmed rosettes of pale blue-green leaves with irregular bumps and soft spines along the margins. Desert Steel hopes you win this set of three spiral aloe sculpture set! Saved by Amy C. 123. The Aloe polyphylla originates from Lesotho and is growing there in high mountains. When planting Aloes, it’s of extreme importance to provide good substrate drainage. Silica is ideal. Excellent drainage is a … "Kroonalwyn", spirally arranged broad leaves, pale red & salmon coloured flowers in Spring, high altitude, highly endangered. A fascinating specimen in a container, on dry slopes or in cactus and succulent gardens. It was discovered by Mr F.H. It doesnt look like any of the other seedlings as they were all very light/bright green from the time they emerged from the soil. Among the most popular succulents, aloe grows in rosettes that resemble agave. That’s why it’s good to make a mixture of the following ingredients: garden soil, sand and perlite. Another aloe that has been all but depleted by its widespread use as a decoration, aloe plicatilis is known for its fan-like leaves that inspired its common name “fan aloe”. 4.0 out of 5 stars 444. Native to high mountains in Africa, it's almost impossible to find. The Spiral Aloe is a rare and beautiful aloe found in the Maluti Mountains. Lv 7. spiral aloe seeds Aloe polyphylla, called spiral aloe is an exceptional beauty and rarity among the aloe species. SKU: N/A Categories: Cacti and Succulents, Seeds, Seeds A-F. This is a hardy Aloe which at about 5 years of age will have approximately 150 leaves. The spiraling from the center of the plant coming rosettes of spiral aloe give their typical appearance. Absolutely fascinating, Aloe polyphylla (Spiral Aloe) is a compact evergreen succulent valued for its foliage arranged in a perfect spiral pattern. View Q&A . Avoid letting the sand dry out completely for longer than six to eight hours, but do not saturate it either. Aloe polyphylla is a stemless aloe and grows its leaves in a very distinctive spiral shape which may be clockwise or anti-clockwise. hide. … Sceletium Tortuosum (Kanna) - LIVE Plant Seedling, Nicotiana Rustica (Sacred Aztec Tobacco) Seeds.

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