whirlpool sidekicks reviews

This is a pretty expensive disposable refrigerator. As soon as I finish writing this review to warn anyone else away from suffering the same fate, I'm going to start shopping for refrigerator that's NOT made by Whirlpool. Same story as everyone else. Currently I have a 28 year old fridge in my garage still working to use for the interim. Will not buy another whirlpool. I have the SideKick Refrigerator and we had it repaired years ago my Whirlpool bad compressor within a year of owning. ft. SideKicks® All-Freezer with Fast Freeze Model# WSZ57L18DM. This transaction was amazingly easy. ever in 47 yrs of marriage . Call For Availability. The condensation accumulates at the bottom of the freezer under the lower drawer. THANKS! Unbelievable that we spent this kind of money for junk. The drain to the drip pan is always frozen. ft. SideKicks® All-Freezer with Fast Freeze. I'm already on my third compressor on my refrigerator in half a dozen years. Sealed systems can not be repaired according to repairman so fridge is useless. We are at their.....No Mercy" ! Same issues as other comments. It is easy to install and easy to maintain. Last week the refrigerator stopped cooling. But since I have seen a number of these involving appliances. After reading all these problems with the sidekicks the next brand to replace these will not be Whirlpool. It’s our fourth; I know whereof I speak. However, the compressors break and have to be replaced repeatedly. We moved into our new home Dec. 2010 - everything was just as we ordered and we were so happy. I'm starting to realize that my nightmare is just beginning. We designed our kitchen around the Whirlpool Sidekicks. Whirlpool 18 cu. It takes 2 minutes, and I don't have to appliance shop! We have 4 Whirlpool SideKicks EL88TRRWQ manuals available for free PDF download: Use And Care Manual, Installation Instructions Manual, Energy Manual, Dimension Manual . Ft. Now for the last year I've been fighting with a Freon Leak. We were just told the same thing yesterday about our Sidekick refridgerator. Good luck with your future endeavors. Looks like I can put my old door on the new box for the less expensive model (with the lock on the side (for lunchrooms, etc)). d (you fill in the blanks) enough to buy another freezer to match the replaced refrigerator. I will definitely do my homework on the next refrigerator I buy and can be certain it will not be a Whirlpool. My husband is very handy and can't get it to stop leaking. I am now in the midst of my 3rd service call(11/30/2015). Bring on the class action lawsuit!!! Spent $400 with 2 repairmen and works for 3 weeks then leaks out. Yes , three replacements in 11 years. Same problem here! Place in to service on 09/2014. Thank god I purchased the extended warranty through Whirlpool. To make matters worse our refrigerator runs all the time just to keep it at 40 F which is as low as it will go now so I suspect it is low on freon as well. My fridge stopped working and I am forced to buy a new one and a freezer because they match. now what? ft. SideKicks® All-Freezer with Fast Freeze Model# WSZ57L18DM. Our SideKicks were manufactured Aug. 2010 so when the refrigerator stopped cooling, we thought it would be nothing to repair. Even the repair guy said it would most like be a short term solution. This page works best with JavaScript. Sidekick is sure was five complaint calls in the first year of owning it two and a half years later the sidekick refrigearator freeon leaked out. National Backorder. Quit working Nov 16. How? It is one month before Christmas.....instead of a nice personal gift for Christmas.....I will be getting another....as I suspect ...faulty $ 1400, appliance. Yes, I recommend this product out of 5 ( 34 Reviews) 0-5 of 34 Reviews ... We have been very displeased with the Whirlpool sidekicks that we purchased 2.5 years ago to say the least. The Freezer temp was 47 F. Called the repair people and sure enough the compressor ended up being dead. Yep. The fridge was spoiling food at an alarming rate and we finally had someone come look at it. RUN from any frigidaire or whirlpool product!!! Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2013. WSZ57L18DM Whirlpool WSZ57L18DM Upright Freezer, 30" Width, 17.7 cu. this is a crime. I purchased the Whirlpool Sidekick Refrigerator and within a year I had nothing but trouble with it. This trim kit for the Whirlpool SideKicks refrigerator and freezer pair provides a custom look that gives any kitchen an amazing new centerpiece. The repairman said that these fridgerators are known for just this very problem. Replaced the freon and compressor at about 2 yrs old and again today it is acting up. Leaking from inside the fridge. I was limited on my options because of the height. Thank you for your inquiry. ft. Capacity, Frost Free, Interior Light (Freezer), Stainless Steel colour Upright Freezer $1,594.99 CAD Accessories 31-inch Wide SideKicks® All-Refrigerator ... - whirlpool.com Our Freezer had a 10 year warranty and the matching Refrigerator had a five year warranty. My sidekick pooped out after 2 years. It is sad that while we can put a man on the moon we cannot make a decent fridge. Our chat service hours are Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Saturday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST. This one is Grrrrr....8 !!! I would definitely be interested after the way whirlpool treated me. We have had our Sidekicks for about 6 years and the refrigerator was pronounced unrepairable due to an internal freon leak yesterday. Whirlpool 18 cu. No regard for their customers. I really do not want to ruin another freezer full of food. They should step up to the plate and do something to fix the design and to compensate the customers who were sold these units when the freon problems were well known. The only one that I can find that has not horror stories is LG. I'm getting a wall of ice build-up in the lower back of the fridge which ends up blocking the vents and raising the temperature in the upper part of the fridge. Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2016. Reviewed in the United States on December 21, 2013. Simply click here to return to Whirlpool Reviews. So sad for a Michigan company. Stainless Steel Refrigerator... © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Also the new ones only come with a 1 year warranty so it shows you how much faith they have in the product now. Sorry to hear about your problems only 2 years in. 1.0 out of 5 stars The second Whirlpool Sidekick refrigerator now to the trash not to mention the freezer sidekick before that. freezer went out a week or two after but whirlpool agreed to cover repair as well . But at least, I will not have to live out of ice chests full of food like my family has had to do for the past three years living with Frigidaire appliances. Originally posted on Whirlpool.com. To our surprise the fridge has continued to work for the last 2 years, and in addition it has worked better then even when it was new (the temp control actually controls the temp from freezing stuff to keeping it at the correct temp, when set to something less then the max. POS. 10. Needs a new compressor and evaporator, which of course, are on backorder...hmmm wonder why!? Freon leak about a year ago and had unit charge /filled, again 3 months ago. Do your homework on Whirlpool. Now, 1.5 years later we are having the same issue. $1,484. Looking into starting a class action lawsuit regarding the sidekicks. I read reviews from different sites and it seemed like this one was ok. Just as we were congratulating ourselves on dodging an expensive repair -- it leaked again tonight. This is my last response regarding anything Whirlpool (or their sub divisions) since like most of you I won't ever buy anything from this company but also wont buy anything made from any division of Whirlpool, since the manufacturing philosophy is the same across the board, which is build junk and hope you the customer doesn't have enough energy to bother you when it stops working. After spending $800 on repairs for this first one and being told by the several (certified, Whirlpool) repairmen that it was fixed only to find that it wasn't fixed, we threw in the towel and bought another one. As many comments have said, the freezer works great, this combo looks nice, but the product should last longer than 3 years. Now, I've been without a refrigerator for a month because it has stopped working all together. Anyone interested post a message! Any one filing a class action lawsuit? After the first one, I decided to buy another to match the freezer. After much BS and hoopla with repairs, extended warranty and run around I think it's time Whirlpool stepped up and addressed this issue. I read reviews from different sites and it seemed like this one was ok. I think I tried to look for a class action at one time and don’t think I found anything. So when....not " if" these units go out.....then I will have to take out a loan to gut kitchen , redesign cabinets to fit a refrigerator that should have lasted at least fifteen years. How? Remodeled my entire kitchen around the sidekicks to look built in.

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