June 14, 2018 in the office of the PU Kremenchuk Invest held a briefing for the press.

The briefing was devoted to the implementation of the project “Export Promotion of SMEs in the Kremenchuk City”. The project is implemented within the framework of the Program for Promotion of Kremenchuk’s Products and Foreign Markets adopted by the City Council in March 2018.

Opening the briefing, the director of Kremenchuk Invest, Andrii Melnyk noted that the project’s goal is to create conditions for a sustainable growth in the export potential of small and medium-sized businesses. G. Kremenchuk through the expansion of foreign economic relations and the representation of exporters in the target markets.

As part of the project, representatives of the Kremenchuk business have already visited the IV National Export Forum and had an opportunity to communicate with foreign and domestic experts in the field of foreign economic activity.

The project envisages two seminars – “Beginning of export” and “Taxation of exports”. The organization of professional on-line consultations for export, establishment of an interdepartmental commission for export issues, a number of business meetings, two study tours for entrepreneurs who produce export-directed products, or are interested in working for export.

Andrii Melnyk stressed: “We will contribute to the Kremenchuk people in entering foreign markets.”

Deputy Director of Kremenchuk Invest Pavel Bedratsky told about investment projects on which PU Kremenchuk Invest works, and young entrepreneurs Anton Figurovsky and Dmitry Mikhaylenko told how PU Kremenchuk Invest and PROMIS Project help them to get out of their products to the world markets .

Known in the city comedian and TV host Anton Figurovskyi told that he and his partner Dmytro Mikhailenko started producing muffins in thermo-packaging. “We make a universally delicious product without preservatives and GMOs … .. buy a muffin in the store in their only defrost and it is ready for consumption … .. we are interested in expanding production and in investments, “noted Anton Figurovskyi.

Andrei Melnyk of media representatives appealed to the Kremenchuk business community with a proposal to join the project, to start production of export-oriented products and thanked the PROMIS Project for their support and answered questions from the press.

The international technical assistance project “Partnership for City Development” (PROMIS project) is aimed at strengthening the municipal sector in Ukraine, introducing effective democratic governance and accelerating economic development by enhancing the ability of Ukrainian cities to democratize governance and local economic development; creation of an enabling environment for the development of small and medium-sized businesses; Support to the process of decentralization and integrated development planning at the local, regional and national levels.


The PROMIS project is implementing, from April 2015 to December 2020, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) with the financial support of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.