About us

Welcome to the official page of the Communal Enterprise “Institute for Development of Kremenchuk” Kremenchuk City Council of Kremenchuk district of Poltava region!

In peacetime, our organization was carrying out many projects related to the development of the city’s economy, business, culture, and international cooperation.

But the time has changed and now we strive to use every possible opportunity to help our community and internally displaced people which are temporarily residing in Kremenchuk to cope with many different problems that they’re facing currently.

With an aim to attract any available help and support from our foreign partners, sister cities, organizations who provide humanitarian aid, and everyone around the world who wants to help Ukrainian people, at the base of the Institute we created the Local Centre for Humanitarian Aid (LCHA).  

The main goals of the LCHA:



The Institute for Development of Kremenchuk, on behalf of the Kremenchuk city community, has decided to open special fundraising accounts to support the needs of internally displaced people.

Details for transfer of funds:

Recipient name – Municipal Enterprise “Institute for Development of Kremenchuk”

Recipient code: 38252441

Recipient account in accordance with IBAN standard:

UA533052990000026009021216918 in EUR

UA783052990000026000031215340 in USD

Bank name: JSC CB PrivatBank


Our partners and friends from Bydgoszcz (Poland), Alytus (Lithuania), Smiltene (Latvia), Gelsenkirchen (Germany), and Svishtov (Bulgaria) provide Kremenchuk with financial and humanitarian assistance.

Practically the entire community of foreign cities have joined together in the collection of humanitarian aid. Food, clothing, and medical supplies are all generously donated. We’re infinitely grateful for that!

Large foreign companies as well as our compatriots living abroad provide assistance.

Thank you for supporting our country in these difficult times!

We are the Local Centre for Humanitarian Aid

Local Centre for Humanitarian Aid accumulates financial and humanitarian aid from international donor organizations, sister cities, and partner cities from around the world and further hands it over to the needs of the Kremenchuk City Territorial Community as well as to increase living conditions of temporarily displaced persons who were forced to leave their homes caused by cruel Russian aggression.

Every day we solve the issue of accommodation of Ukrainians, in particular residents of our city, who were forced to temporarily leave their homes and head to European countries.