Experience of Lublin – to Kremenchuk

On September 11, 2018, the presentation of the “Experience of Lublin to Kremenchuk” took place at the International Information and Contact Center named after Grand Duke Vytautas.


The presentation was delivered by Artem Riasa, a third-year student at the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, who is studying in the field of International Relations. Artem was born in Kremenchuk, graduated from the Kremenchuk Lyceum №4, he is a former president of the Center for Children’s Diplomacy of the Kremenchuk Lyceum №4. At this time he studies at one of the most prestigious universities in Lublin.

At the request of Andrii Melnyk, Director of the PU “Kremenchuk Center for International Relations and Economic Development of the city” Kremenchuk Invest ” Artem has prepared a presentation about the Polish city of Lublin. Lublin is the capital of the Lublin Voivodship in Poland. It is called “gates to Europe” and “gates to Poland”. It is a picturesque historic city, which at the same time is innovative and open to cooperation.

During the presentation were raised interesting questions and promising projects that could be implemented in our city were discussed. The purpose of the meeting is to get acquainted with the experience of the Polish city in the areas of improving the infrastructure work, attracting investment, solving socio-cultural, communal problems.

Among the participants of the meeting were schoolchildren-activists of children’s diplomacy centers, students, representatives of the faculty of Kremenchuk National University. M Ostrogradsky, journalists, deputies of the city council, teachers, representatives of city public organizations.

The presentation, which lasted almost an hour, flashed on one breath. The urgency of the topic was confirmed by the high interest of the guests.

Summing up the meeting, director of “Kremenchuk Invest”, Andrii Melnyk, promised that such events will continue to be held at the International Information and Contact Center and will be devoted to various European cities as well as to Ukrainian cities with relevant experience that can be used. for the development of our city.