Vitalii Maletskyi met with activists of the youth diplomacy of Kremenchuk

On the eve of the Day of Ukrainian Diplomacy, Mayor Vitali Maletskyi met with activists from the youth diplomacy of Kremenchuk. It is worth noting that the Kremenchuk youth diplomatic movement has existed since 1999. Initially, the centers of the People’s Diplomacy were opened only on the basis of three educational institutions, but at the same time they actively work in almost all secondary schools in Kremenchuk.

Greeting the young diplomats, the mayor, Vitalii Maletskyi, emphasized that in fact international diplomacy has great traditions. In order to strengthen ties between states, those who work on this should be well-informed in the main forms of maintaining official relations, in the norms of international law and practices of international communication. The head of the city stressed that diplomatic relations are intended to promote the development of friendly relations between the states, support of international peace and security.

At present, many steps have been taken by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to enable Ukraine to open the world, so that the borders and conventions between our country and Europe will be erased. At present, the European Union countries are opening for Ukrainians thanks to the visa-free regime that has become a serious diplomatic breakthrough of recent time on the path of European integration of the Ukrainian state.

Diplomatic relations in the modern world is a very complicated process, they are the basis of international relations. People’s diplomacy helps integrate into this international diplomatic world. The head of the city wished the young diplomats success in further acquaintance with the diplomatic world and the acquisition of diplomatic knowledge, which they may later be able to apply in practice for the establishment of our country on the world stage.

It is worth noting that the PU “Kremenchuk Invest” (a new name – PU “Kremenchuk City Development Institution”) has a great merit in developing the city’s diplomatic relations with other countries.

During the presentation of the work of the centers of popular diplomacy of secondary schools, director of this company Andrii Melnyk stressed that in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Kremenchuk was named the capital of Ukrainian diplomacy. A great contribution to this high recognition was made by the people’s diplomacy of the city and Kremenchuk people in general.

Andrii Melnyk noted the invaluable contribution to the establishment and development of children’s diplomacy in Kremenchuk by Professor Hennadii Moskalyk, Head of the Department of Education, and Ihor Protsko.

Within the framework of the meeting, Mayor Vitalii Maletskyi presented the Honorary Diplomas to heads of the centers of national diplomacy at secondary schools and active representatives of the youth diplomatic movement of the city.