Young diplomats from Kremenchuk got acquainted with the history and traditions of the island state and became acquainted with the history of the Ukrainian hryvnia.

Today, on December 4, 2017, a group of young diplomats from the Kremenchuk secondary school № №24 and the Kremenchuk educational complex “School № ІІ of the Lyceum” №11 within the framework of the project “Youth diplomacy of Kremenchuk” visited the capital of Ukraine .

Cuba is far away, Cuba is near …

A meeting was held in Kiev at the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Ukraine. Young diplomats received the Charge d’Affaires of the Republic of Cuba in Ukraine, Mr. Oscar Santana Leon and his wife.

The head of the diplomatic mission told about the culture, traditions, the animal world of Cuba, the tourist attractiveness of the country. Cuba is the country with the most population in the Caribbean and has a specific culture that arose as a result of the merger of many peoples and civilizations.

The Cuban diplomat told about Cuban-Ukrainian cooperation, which for more than 20 years was aimed at the rehabilitation of Ukrainian children who suffered as a result of the Chernobyl disaster. About 23 thousand sick children from Ukraine received free high-professional medical care from the Cuban state.

Young diplomats asked a lot of questions to the Cuban diplomat. Of great interest were video clips about Cuba. the head of the embassy treated the children sweets, and the young diplomats from Kremenchuk would bring to their hometown wonderful impressions of the meeting and a memorable photo from the Embassy of Cuba.
Head of the delegation – Kremenchuk Center for International Relations and Economic Development Kremenchuk Invest, Honorary President of APIBD Andriy Melnyk presented to the memory of Mr. Oscar Santana Leon a commemorative handwriting plate Kremenchuk.

The Charge d’Affaires of the Republic of Cuba in Ukraine presented the painting “Rostros de Habaneras” by José M. García Rebustillos, who will take his honorary place in the collection of the Kremenchuk Investments Communist Party.

Spirituality, knowledge of the history of their state – the basis of a common culture …

Young diplomats visited the Holy Protection Monastery, which is located next to the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Ukraine.

Here are the future bankers preparing …

The last point of the program of stay of young diplomats in Kyiv is the Department of Banking of the Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU). The mission of the Department of Banking is the formation of professional knowledge and the scientific outlook of future specialists in banking, the education of their high moral qualities, love for their profession, the desire to work for the benefit of society, as well as to promote the creative potential of the department staff.

The department has become one of the leading banking centers in its years of existence. She is the coordinator and chief executor of scientific topics in monetary circulation, credit, banking. Here are scientific research on issues of scientific, theoretical and practical significance.

The guests from Kremenchuk met with the faculty members of the department headed by its head of the doctor of economic sciences, the Honored Economist of Ukraine. Chairman of the Board of the Association of Ukrainian Banks Stanislav Arzhevitin. The first-year students of KNEU studying in the specialty “Banking” also attended the meeting.

Stanislav Mikhailovich told young people’s diplomats about banks, the banking system of Ukraine, the profession of “banker” and the history of the origin of the hryvnia. The freshmen told that “specialists believe that the origin of the name” hryvnia “from the Old Slavic” hryvnia “is” a necklace, a bracelet “. It was investigated that in the life of Kievan Rus there was an ornament “cervical hryvnia” – a golden, jeweled hoop worn around the neck. “Hryvnia” was sometimes referred to as metal medallions, which were also worn around the neck (for example, so-called amulets-coils). The word, apparently, was formed from the Proto-Slavic root “mane” – the “neck” that remained in the modern Ukrainian language only to determine the corresponding part of the body of some animals. The initial meaning of the word “hryvnia” – “cervical decoration” – was supplemented by the meanings of “monetary unit” and hryvnia (measure of weight) as a result of the custom to make neck jewelry from coins. This custom was widespread in Ukraine and remained virtually to this day … “.

Kremenchug guests from a well-known politician, banker, and scholar Stanislav Arzhevitin have learned a lot about hryvnia, banks, fashionable currencies today and the rest.

Such was a rich and interesting trip by young people’s diplomats to Kyiv.